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2016 Mercedes-Benz SLK300 Recall Due to Risk of Rolling

image via Mercedes-Benz
image via Mercedes-Benz

It seems there is a peculiar problem hitting a specific group of Mercedes-Benz SLK300s. From this model, those built between June 2 and July 14, 2015, might not have the backup power supply connected properly. In the worst situations, the vehicle will not be able to shift into park nor apply the e-brake, making for a dangerous fiasco, including rolling away when the driver thinks it’s secure.

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“In this situation, without the backup power supply, the only way to keep the vehicle from moving is to press the brake pedal,” the recall documents note. “As soon as the driver attempts to exit the vehicle, the vehicle may roll, increasing the risk of injury.”

The issue appears to be limited to vehicles equipped with a nine-speed automatic transmission. Service technicians will be instructed to correct the switch wiring and perform a software update to restore proper behavior.

It is unclear if the defect has been associated with any accidents or injuries. Read More


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