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Best Cars For Accountants And CPA’s To Drive


Impress People Without Bragging

When it comes to being a personal accountant or CPA, you will likely end up taking having more than your fair share of lunches with clientele that result in the two of you driving somewhere to eat. In these situations, you are going to want a vehicle that lets you impress the client without overtly bragging about yourself. There are a number of vehicles that fit the billet as far as this is concerned, but we have a few favorites (and you might be surprised that not all of them are Mercedes-Benz):


Chevrolet Tahoe


Not only are there some serious luxury options available with Chevy Tahoes, but they offer a tax advantage due to depreciation. Though the depreciation might feel like the vehicle isn’t a great investment, savvy clients will notice that you know how to handle money matters in more than just business accounting.

Likewise, your client and three of his or her associates will be able to fit rather comfortably inside a Tahoe, making it a great choice for gathering up a group of partners and wooing them.


Porsche 911


On name alone, Porsche impresses most people. Having a Porsche 911 elevates that into a whole different level, especially if you get the chance to drive your client around in it.

The only real downside to having a 911 is that you’re only going to be able to drive one client around at a time, but it will leave quite an impact on that one person.


Mercedes-Benz S550


The best of both worlds, the Mercedes-Benz S550 is visually elegant while offering four doors and spacious back seats for anyone else who might be along for the ride. What stands out about the S550 is that the impression left is somewhat subtle compared to those left by the Tahoe or 911, but it’s a subtlety that will leave you looking classy and smart.


Tips on Using a Car to Impress

Remember, the point to driving any of these or another nice vehicle is to leave an impression without bragging. That being the case, keep these 5 tips in mind:

  1. Don’t ever say the type of vehicle you’re driving unless directly asked.
  2. When lunch gets agreed on, ask something like, “Your car or mine?”
  3. Keep your music on but only loud enough to be noticeable.
  4. Always drive safe. You don’t need to show off how powerful the car is, they already know. Anyway, a smooth ride is generally preferable to a stop-and-go, jerky one.
  5. Don’t ask your client whether or not they liked the ride, just assume they did.

Don’t have the kind of cash that one of these cars would require, you can leave a similar impression with a nice older Mercedes-Benz as long as the interior is clean and you keep it tuned up.

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