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Beginner’s Guide to Mercedes Restoration Project

One of the most enjoyable pastimes for any Mercedes enthusiast is to restore a classic car. Not only are these fun Mercedes projects a great way to use both your hands and your brain, but when you’re done with the car restoration process, you’ll have a beautiful classic car you can take to car shows or drive around town. 

Restoration projects come in many different shapes and sizes, so before jumping in feet first, it’s good to be prepared with information on a few of the important details you need to be aware of and potential challenges that you should try to avoid. 

Below we’ve put together a guide to the Mercedes-Benz restoration process that will walk you through all the preliminary steps to starting on this exciting project. 

Choosing a Car

The first step, logically enough, is choosing what model of Mercedes you want to restore. For some, this may be easy: they already know their dream car and are willing to do whatever it takes to restore and drive one of their own. 

But for others, choosing between models from the 50s, 60s, 70s, and even 80s is tricky, Especially when there are great models to choose from, such as the 190SL and the 250SE. 

It’s good to keep in mind that restoring older models can sometimes be difficult because fewer chassis and parts are available in good condition. But don’t let that stop you if you’ve fallen in love with an older model!


It’s always a good idea to get some perspective on how much money you are going to spend on your project. Do some research on how different models and different restoration levels cost different amounts. Doing this from the beginning will make sure you don’t get totally blindsided by costs down the road and end up with a half-finished Mercedes sitting in your garage. 

You should also keep a detailed record of your expenses as you go so that you know exactly how much you’re spending. 


How much time you have available to work on your car is also an important variable. Especially if you have a busy schedule, it’s likely that even working on your Mercedes a few days a week will take a long time to get your classic car to the level of restoration you want. Keep this in mind as you start on your project. 

Choosing a Chassis

Assuming you’ve selected the model you want and feel confident you have the time and money to embark on the restoration process, you’ll want to choose a chassis for your car. 

Ensure the chassis doesn’t have extensive rust, as this can make the restoration process much more difficult. Also, depending on how authentic you want your level of restoration to be, you might also want to buy a used car with matching engine and chassis numbers. To double-check that any specific chassis came with its engine, the Mercedes Classic Center is a super useful resource. 

Restoring with Adsitco

Whatever model of Mercedes you decide to restore, our team at Adsitco is here to help. With over 40 years of experience devoted exclusively to Mercedes-Benz, we have all the expertise and the parts catalog to help you with your restoration project. 

Reach out today to learn more about how Adsitco can help you with your Mercedes restoration!


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