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Crazy Fun Facts & History of Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz is a premier name in the luxury car industry, and it didn’t get there by accident. The history of the Mercedes-Benz brand is interesting and more complex than some people may realize.

Let’s take a look at some of the quick, fun facts related to the history of Mercedes-Benz.

10 Fun Facts About Mercedes-Benz

  1. The iconic three-tipped pointed star logo actually represents air, land, and water.
  2. Modern commercial vehicles are derived from Carl Friedrich Benz’s (or Karl Benz’s) patented “Motorwagen” created in the 1880s with funding provided by his wife, Bertha Ringer Benz. Eventually, Benz patented the vehicle in 1886 and his wife even took a 120-mile tour through Germany without his knowledge.
  3. The “Mercedes” word of the Mercedes-Benz brand name comes from the daughter of Emil Jellinek, an automobile entrepreneur who worked with Wilhelm Maybach and would eventually work with all Mercedes-Benz brands.
  4. Because of the economic crisis associated with World War One, the company owned by Karl and Bertha Benz merged with Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft to become Daimler-Benz and eventually be known as Mercedes-Benz.
  5. The official Mercedes-Benz brand was founded in 1926 after this merger. Since then, the brand has become a staple in the automotive industry and a household name in luxury passenger vehicles.
  6. The iconic silver color vehicle came about because they were trying to reduce weight for an upcoming race in 1934. Now you can find Mercedes-Benz in all colors, they’re even believed to have manufactured a car with white gold. 
  7. Mercedes-Benz utilizes a “one man, one engine” approach to vehicle manufacturing in its main manufacturing plant in Germany in which each car is built and tuned by a single engineer.
  8. The numbers and letters on each model of Mercedes-Benz car have a purpose, for example, the numbers refer to the placement of the internal combustion engine.
  9. They were one of the first car brands to have suspension and brakes on all four wheels. Since then they have been one of the safest car manufacturers out there.
  10.  Mercedes-Benz made one of the first hybrid vehicles in 1906. Yeah, you heard that right! At the turn of the 20th Century, Mercedes-Benz created the Mixte model, a car that offered both gasoline- and electric-powered engines. While it would be a while before hybrid cars became more ubiquitous, Mercedes-Benz has always been at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies.

These are just some of the many interesting and unique facts that surround the Mercedes-Benz brand. Now that you know more about them, you may be more intrigued into buying one or fixing up your current vehicle. Luckily, our team can help you every step of the way.

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