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How to Prepare Your Mercedes-Benz for the Winter

Taking care of your Mercedes-Benz is vital to ensure you can drive the car long-term, this means prepping for winter and perhaps even creating a long-term storage unit for the car. And with winter upon us in full swing, it is important to look for ways to keep your car protected and ready to go so when the snow melts and spring begins, you can take it out for some joyrides.

Let’s take a look at some things you should do to ensure that your car is getting everything it needs.

Check Fluids

One of the most vital steps for long-term vehicle health is ensuring that all fluids are managed correctly, this includes ensuring it has fresh oil, coolant, brake system fluid, and even windshield wiper fluid. Don’t forget to make sure your fuel tank is topped off so it is ready to go when you need it!

One thing that you should consider during these cold months when things often freeze is a diesel electronic heater. This part can help ensure your diesel fuel stays warm. It is a module that fits 1984-1999 diesel models of Mercedes-Benz. A fuel stabilizer can also help keep gas fresh for up to 24 months.

Inspect Parts

Things like windshield wipers, air filters, the exhaust system, and tire pressure all should be monitored regularly. As many know these things can alter and change drastically when the weather changes and it is vital to ensure that all are in proper working condition. One minor thing that happens a lot in winter is the condensation as the car traps moisture, luckily there are moisture absorbers that you can install in the inside of your car to prevent this annoying problem.

One thing that you can look into during this time as well as protectants and weatherproofing, replacing things like your car mats with rubber and other weatherproofing options will help ensure your car stays neat and is prepared for the messy winter weather.

Store Car Properly

One thing that you should probably look into extensively is storing the car. Leaving the car out in the cold is a good way to put some serious wear and tear on it without even moving. But, by looking up proper winter storage for vehicles, and even a car cover, you can ensure that you are taking all the proper precautionary measures to keep your car healthy.

If you do end up taking your car out in the winter, some cars, especially older models will take longer to warm up and get going, just be sure to give your car some time to adjust to the temperature, you don’t want any issues on your hand.

Take some time to learn about the benefits of storing your car inside a garage vs. outside in dust or weatherproof cover and determine what is best for your situation. If you do end up storing your car for the winter, a pro tip is to put steel wool in the exhaust pipe to prevent pests from getting in. Just don’t forget to remove it when you turn the car on in the spring!

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