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Is It Hard to Maintain a Mercedes-Benz?

If you’ve looked into buying a Mercedes-Benz vehicle or even thought about owning one of their luxury cars, you may be wondering about Mercedes repairs, the Mercedes maintenance costs, and most importantly, is it expensive to maintain? While Mercedes-Benz vehicles do require some upkeep it is still about industry average and there are extended warranties and service contracts that you can opt into to make it easier to deal with.

That said, not everyone can get an extended limited warranty, especially if the car isn’t new, so let’s go over some tips and tricks to maintaining your Mercedes-Benz.

Maintaining a Mercedes-Benz

To begin, it is important to cover the dealership maintenance plans that you can become a part of when you purchase your Mercedes-Benz vehicle.

While every plan is different and can vary depending on the dealership, they often have plans that cover the first year or 10,000 miles, and even plans that cover up to 8 years or the first 80,000 miles. Some of these plans even offer roadside assistance when needed.

If you don’t want to opt into a plan with a dealership or repair facility, there are some things you can do on your end to ensure that you aren’t dealing with constant repair problems and providing your car with the proper upkeep it needs to last long-term.

Oil Change

This one may seem obvious, most of us have probably been doing or getting oil changes done a couple of times a year since high school, but it is still something that can be overlooked, and when it is overlooked it can become seriously problematic. To give you a baseline, your oil should likely be changed every 10,000 miles or so. Some Mercedes-Benz models require specific synthetic oils so be sure to consult your owner’s manual before adding anything.

Brake Pads

Failing to replace your brake pads can prove to be dangerous, look to try and replace these about every 20,000 miles or potentially more often if you don’t drive on the highway often.


You need to make sure your battery is healthy and up-to-date if you want to ensure that your car can start without a problem. Be sure to keep the battery clean of corrosion. That said, at some point a battery will likely need replacing, just make sure you are keeping an eye on it and replacing it when necessary.

And More

These are some of the more important things that you should be keeping an eye on regularly. Along with these things, make sure that you are constantly checking things like your tires, your drive belts, spark plugs, and more.

Help Maintain Your Mercedes-Benz at Adsitco

Whether you just bought a new Mercedes-Benz or bought a pre-owned car or are just shopping, it is important to find a place you can rely on to get the tools and parts you need to keep your car properly maintained. This is where Adsitco can help you. Our team at Adsitco are experts on Mercedes-Benz and car repair, if you need help just take some time to reach out or visit our website today.


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