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Most Commonly Stolen Cars: Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes owners can be proud to drive cars that are among the most luxurious, good-looking, and best-engineered vehicles on the market, but they might not be so excited to be at the top of one list: Mercedes are the most stolen luxury car brand in the United States. 

This information comes from a report from the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), which states that the C-Class, E-Class, and S-Class are all in the top 10 most stolen cars in America. 

If you are careful, you should never have to worry about car theft. Below we’ll talk about the best methods for protecting your car from vehicle theft. 

Mercedes Anti-Theft Measures

These findings aren’t quite as shocking as they may seem, considering that the most high-end cars are the most likely to be stolen. They are the most prestigious for car thieves to drive, and they can sell them for more money. Combine this with the popularity of Mercedes-Benz in America, and you get the shocking NICB stat. 

In an article from Forbes reporting on the NICB’s findings, a spokesperson from Mercedes points out that a significant number of the stolen Mercedes were actually recovered due to the mbrace® Secure system, which can track stolen vehicles. 

Mbrace is a subscription service with a suite of anti-theft technologies offered by Mercedes, which includes collision and alarm notifications in addition to location tracking devices in case the vehicle is stolen and is a great way to keep your Mercedes safe. 

Preventative Habits

You can reduce the chances of having your car stolen by being careful about how you store it and where you park it. When you’re out and about, you should try to park in well-lit areas with foot traffic in order to discourage potential thieves. 

When parking at home it’s always safer to park in a garage than on the street or in a driveway. This not only protects your car from the elements but also adds one more line of defense, making it harder to steal your car. 

Anti-Theft Car Parts

Your car already has systems in place to prevent auto theft, so making sure those systems function and have all the parts they need is a good and easy way to keep your Mercedes from being stolen. 

Things like gas cap locks and door locks sometimes break down, and replacing them as fast as possible is a necessity in order to keep your car safe. 

Some Mercedes use a special vacuum door lock technology for extra safety. This ensures that the doors can’t be pried open but also introduces another complicated system that can break down and may need replacing. 

Keeping Safe With Adsitco

Regardless of the parts you need to keep your car secure, you can find them at Adsitco. We have an extensive online parts catalog devoted exclusively to Mercedes-Benz, including parts for both newer and vintage models. 

For 40 years, our team has been selling parts to people across the country, even sourcing rare parts for people who can’t find them anywhere else. Reach out to our team today to learn more about how we can help you keep your Mercedes safe. 


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