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How Long Does a Mercedes Last?

Any time you are buying a new car, you want to get your money’s worth. Part of what that means is getting a high-quality luxury vehicle that’s as comfortable, functional, and safe as you expect. If you’re buying a Mercedes, then your new car has already met those criteria.

But there’s another thing you’ll want to know too: how long does a Mercedes last? After all, if in a few years of driving you find that your Mercedes no longer works up to your standards, you’ll have to get a new car or spend a ton on repair costs, which can obviously get really expensive in the long run.

In this article, we’ll go over what kind of reliability and longevity you can expect from the Mercedes brand and what to do if you start to have problems with your new car.

How Many Miles Can You Expect?

Of course, giving a precise number for the number of miles you can drive in a car is impossible, as there are a huge number of variables that can affect a car’s longevity. However, across Mercedes Benz models, the average falls between 150,000 and 250,000 miles.

One of the variables you need to account for is the model of the car. The Mercedes C-Class is considered to have the shortest lifespan of any Mercedes model, usually hovering closer to the 150,000-200,000 mile range. On the other hand, a Mercedes Benz E-Class can have a long lifespan, edging closer and even past the 250,000 mile range.

It also makes a big difference what your driving habits are like. Stopping and starting suddenly, getting into accidents, and doing regular maintenance on your car all affect the number of miles you can expect to get out of your Mercedes.

How Many Years Can You Expect?

Assuming that you drive your car about 15,000 miles a year (which is about the national average), your Mercedes can last you about 10-17 years. Once again, other factors like driving style, maintenance, and model affect this number.

Another thing that can affect this number is how frequently you drive your car. If your Mercedes is a show car that you keep stored safely in a garage and only take out a few times a year for a joyride, then you can expect to get more years out of it than someone who drives their car to and from work every day, or on long cross-country trips.

Working With Adsitco to Extend the Life of Your Mercedes

Eventually, every car will reach the point where it needs some serious work, even the most luxurious and high-end brands. Assuming you love Mercedes as much as we do, you won’t want that to be the end of your relationship with your car.

If you work with Adsitco, it might not have to be. For many, one of the major difficulties for maintaining and repairing a car from a luxury brand like Mercedes is finding the right parts, which are often very specific or rare, especially in older models. That’s exactly the problem Adsitco helps you fix.

With a huge online parts catalog, we’re sure to have just the part you’re looking for, whether your Mercedes is from 1970 or 2017. Contact us today to talk to a Mercedes expert and learn more about how we can help you.


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