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Car Chase Victim’s Insurance Won’t Cover Repairs

Even though she did nothing wrong whatsoever, a woman in St. Louis by the name of Michelle Payne is kind of getting raked over the coals by her insurance company. During a police chase, the suspect being pursued ended up smashing into her car and causing about $4,000 in damages. Since she doesn’t have comprehensive coverage, though, she’s probably going to have to pay about, well, $4,000 for repairs.

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A woman who owns a car that was hit by a suspect in a high speed chase near the Central West End says her insurance company will not cover the thousands of dollars in damage her car suffered.

Michelle Payne said her car suffered $4,000 in damages. The person allegedly responsible is Shaneece Marshall. Marshall led police on high speed chase that ended near the Fox Theater. Police believe she had a child inside the car.

As the pursuit went around barriers at the intersection of Olive and Whittier, the stolen car allegedly driven by Marshall hit Payne’s Honda and other cars.

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