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How To Connect An iPhone To A Mercedes Benz Via BlueTooth

Connecting a Smartphone on a Mercedes-Benz


Here are the steps in connecting your iPhone.


Step 1: Unlock your iPhone using the touchscreen, “slide to unlock.” And Go to “Settings”

Step 2: Find “Bluetooth” and press it. Check if it is turned on, if not, slide to turn on “Bluetooth”

Step 3: Once the phone’s Bluetooth is on, “Now Discoverable” should be on the screen.

Step 4: Now, start the Mercedes engine to idle. You need to get to the telephone screen of the vehicle hands-free mode. You can press the “TEL” key on the radio and then select “Phone.”

Step 5: One on the Phone application, press the “Connect Dev.” on the lower left corner of the screen

Step 6: Select the “Search for Phone from Vehicle” option.

Step 7: Then select the “Start Search” function. Once you press the option, the system will begin to search for any Bluetooth compatible devices. Depending on the stored device in the system, the search will take some time

Step 8: Once the system found your iPhone, it will show the name of the device from the list.

Step 9: The system will then generate a 6-digit passcode and it will show it on the screen. You need to type the number displayed on the screen on your iPhone. Then select “Pair” on your iPhone if the code matches on what was displayed on the vehicle’s screen.

Step 11: Once the passcode is verified, the iPhone will initial an authorized access.


Step 12: Your iPhone will now show “MB Bluetooth” and “Connected”


Once the pairing is successful, the Mercedes-Benz hands-free system will display the name of your iPhone. The vehicle will show the name on the lower left corner of the screen, above the “Connect Dev.” icon.


Connecting other devices on a Mercedes-Benz


Here are the steps in connecting your mobile device.


Step 1:  Make sure the Bluetooth is ON, on your device. You can find Bluetooth in the Settings Menu of your device.

Step 2: Choose Tel from the Mercedes-Benz display screen.

Step 3: Go down to the option for Connect Device.

Step 4: Under the Connect Device you can find “Search for Phone” or “Connect via Phone”. Press “Search for Phone” for an easier access.

Step 5: Press “Start Search” in the vehicle option.


Step 6: Once you press the “Start Search” the vehicle will begin to look for any nearby compatible Bluetooth device. Try to glance once in a while in the screen of your device. Once the vehicle identifies your device, a message will appear on the screen.


Step 7: Once the vehicle found your device, just scroll down to your device’s name and select it. After pressing Select, your device will show passcode. Verify the code, make sure it matches the code on your vehicle and select “Yes.”


Step 8: Verify the Passkey is the same on your device as your display screen.


Step 9:  Your device is now connected in your Mercedes-Benz vehicle. Aside from receiving calls in your vehicle, you can also stream music from your device through the audio system.

Who owns Mercedes? A History Of The Benz


how much does the most expensive mercedes benz cars at auction cost? They range some has sold as high as multi millions. Barret Jackson auction typically carries the heftiest price tags as it is the classic car show of choice for most collectors.

The international car manufacturer, Mercedes Benz falls under in the umbrella company of Daimler AG. Their brand is very much known for luxury cars, coaches, buses, and trucks. Mercedes-Benz headquarters is located in Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.


Considered as one of the most famous names in the luxury vehicle market, the Mercedes-Benz brand roots goes back for more than 100 years. The company in a way invented the automobile. Mercedes Benz discovered the present day combustion engine of motorized vehicles.


Mercedes Benz Slogan-The Best Or Nothing

“The best or nothing”, serves as the core motto of Mercedes Benz. They prove it over and over again for the past century. Their Limousines are famous in the movies. Even diplomats, and the Pope used MB vehicles.


Today, Mercedes-Benz belongs to the biggest “German Big 3”.  BMW and Audi Mercedes-Benz.


Humble Beginnings of a Giant Company


Carl Benz founded the company in 1986 under the patent name of ‘Benz Patent Motorwagen’. Benz created a vehicle which considered as the first automobile. Meanwhile, Daimler along with Wilhelm Maybach converted a stage coach using petrol engine. The two intended to replace the horse-powered transportation.


Even though Benz and Daimler lived in south Germany and worked in their endeavors at the same time, they never had a chance to meet each other.


Carl Benz used the slogan for “A replacement for the Horse” in his 1886 Patent Motor Car. However, he failed in his advertisement. Daimler received far more recognition and famed for the invention of the motorized vehicles. He also garnered recognition because of his successful shots in racing.


First Customer

The businessman and car enthusiast, Emil Jellinek bought the first Daimler car in 1897. Ecstatic about the innovation, he approached Daimler and Maybach to mass produce the car. However, the offer came with a ‘catch’, they will use Mercedes, Jellinek’s daughter as the brand name instead of Daimler.


In 1901, the first “Mercedes” was marketed with a known reputation for its success in the racing field. The Mercedes entered a new age of automobiles.


The Merger

In 1926, the companies become Daimler-Benz when Benz & Cie merged with Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft.


The first Mercedes built was light-weight. Nevertheless, it boasted a powerful vehicle with a low center of gravity with 35hp. It began replacing carriages because of the birth of the automobile manufacturing. Since 1902, DMG still holds the patent name for the successful brand ‘Mercedes’. But there was still something missing.


World famous logo

Daimler’s son remembered that their father used the star symbol for their vehicles. This was the beginning of the three-point star within the Mercedes trademark logo. In 1909, the DMG management patented the three-pointed and the four-pointed star. The three-pointed star prevailed, and Mercedes used it since 1910.

DMG used their three-pointed star in the trademark for Mercedes. Also, ‘Benz’ incorporated their trademark which was a laurel wreath. When the two companies merged in 1926, both of their patented logos made it into the ‘Mercedes’ brand.  Thus explaining the modern day logo of Mercedes Benz.

A Quick Look at Mercedes-Benz History Through The Years
1886 Carl Benz invented the first motorized vehicle.  He patented “Motorwagen”, a rear-mounted single cylinder engine.
1894 The first auto race which Daimler won
1897 Emil Jellinek bought the first Daimler vehicle
1901 The first Mercedes sold in the market
1926 Benz & Cie merged with Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft.

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What is blue efficiency in Mercedes Benz?

list of rims fit for mercedes benz 1962 220 series

  • Mercedes Benz Blue Efficiency significantly reduces fuel consumption.
  • They reduce the gas usage while maintaining the same level of engine performance.
  • A combination of advanced intelligent skills and pioneering works makes the technology possible.

The idea behind the Blue Efficiency is to reduce pollutants. In a way, the company created vehicles that are environmentally friendly. Mercedes-Benz won as Ward’s 10 Best Engines in 2007 and 2008.

The company’s trademark for “The best or nothing” now backed up with another automobile innovation. Mercedes is committed to reducing fuel consumption and carbon-dioxide emissions. Mercedes vehicles are now equipped with engines that are powerful and yet efficient to use. With the Blue Efficiency released, the company targets the real driver usage profiles.

For the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class, the company combined extensive measures. They develop a vehicle for fuel efficiency.

Using the Blue Efficiency technology, fuel consumption reduced up to 23%.

Combination of technological innovation

Engineers team up for the vehicle’s overall performance to make it more valuable. They intensely thought about the power steering, tires, fuel pump and the alternator. Also, they make sure that every component passed qualification.

These includes lightweight designs, new forms and more efficient to save on gas. Even a small amount of change in any of these components adds up to a significant change to save fuel.

How Blue Efficiency system works in a series of steps:

  • A diesel oxidation reduces the amounts of carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons emissions
  • A catalytic converter begins an initial elimination of oxides of nitrogen
  • A filter traps and stores soot particles
  • It then burn the soot particles when the filter gets full
  • The ECO begin/stop work turns off the motor briefly when the vehicle stops. This lessens the power, especially in urban and unpredictable activity.
  • The alternator handling gathers energy from the braking system. It reduces the output from the alternator resulting in lowering gas usage
  • The sensor of the battery system checks voltage and temperature levels. These can contribute to effective and better storage.
  • Engineers adjusted the tires for optimal rolling resistance. They only need low energy while driving to help reduce gas usage.

Each time the car brakes, the vehicle convert kinetic energy into heat and go to waste. That is why Mercedes includes alternator efficiency system. The alternator handling gathers energy from the braking system. It reduces the output from the alternator resulting in lowering gas usage.

It increases the alternator’s load capacity and the driver’s assist in the braking system. It also improves the braking system. The energy is then not converted into electrical energy. Experts call this condition as ‘recuperation’.

The alternator can switch to no-load operation. An example of this is when the vehicle is moving or when the battery is still full.

This eliminates the load from the drive system. The process saves around 0.1 liters per 100 km. Up to 0.2 liters per 100km when driving within the city. City driving takes more energy when coasting and braking.

Mercedes-Benz created an innovation based on something already existed. They made use of available resources they have.

Lewis Hamilton Claims Mercedes Can Overthrow Ferrari in F1 Championship


Image Via Wikipedia

Lewis Hamilton claimed “We’ve got a race on our hands”, referring to Mercedes chance of winning the F1 race this year. Hamilton admitted he was impressed by Ferrari’s race pace in the season opening in the Australian Grand Prix. Valtteri Bottas said that Mercedes must work “really hard” to lead the race.

Ferrari beat Mercedes in the Australian GP as the result of the race pace and pit strategy. It allowed the German team to lead the race early against Hamilton.

The Mercedes team was this year’s favorite to win the prestigious Formula One racing event.  In the past three competition, Mercedes owned the title. For this year, it seems that Ferrari is a strong contender for the title.

“We’ve got a race on our hands”

Unfazed, Hamilton said, “We’ve got a race on our hands.” He claims that he only say it as he sees it. In an interview with Sky Sports F1, Hamilton said: “I don’t lie and I’m not very good at bluffing.”

The Mercedes driver then added, “I didn’t know how quick they would be in the race but their pace from testing was true and their first stint on the ultrasofts was fantastic. My real strength wasn’t until right at the end by which time it was far too late.”

To ward off an aggressive ‘undercut’ approach from Ferrari, Mercedes pitted Hamilton. However, the Briton came out just behind Max Verstappen. Hamilton having a hard time overtaking Red Bull, it permits Vettel to stay out and cover enough space to pit and rejoin the race.

Hamilton said, “I only stopped a lap earlier than my target but I couldn’t go any further.”

When Hamilton rejoined the group to take on Vettel when Verstappen pitted, he struggled with his tires and Bottas was closing on him. Bottas finished the race just two about two seconds to get the last place of the podium his Mercedes race. In terms of performance, Bottas’s race pace expectation is “a little bit better.”

Bottas said, “It’s a decent start and a good haul of points for the team.”  He claimed that “The main question mark is the first stint as I didn’t have the pace I should have had. The car was sliding around a lot with the ultrasofts but at the end, it was feeling consistent and I could really push the car.”

“I was trying to get close but once you get within a couple of seconds you lose grip, more than in previous years,” Bottas added.

Bottas believed that Mercedes remains unfazed in Ferrari’s remarkable race pace. The Finnish driver shows confidence on his team that they can get the advantage the need in China. He said, “It’s going to be a big challenge and we have to work really hard if we want to beat Ferrari.They were quicker today so we need to improve plenty of things.

“I’m glad there are 19 races to go and we are definitely not standing still. That’s why I’m happy. The third is not the best result but there is much more to come.” Bottas said as he closes his statement.

The Most Expensive Mercedes Benz Production Car


The 1954 Mercedes-Benz W196: A Symbol of a Culture


An unparalleled reputation, outstanding performance in producing high- quality vehicles, and a very popular and reliable brand name are some of the reasons why Mercedes-Benz remains first and on top in the car manufacturing industry.


The total package of owning a beautiful looking vehicle, inside and out, compensates the millions of money worth of Mercedes-Benz. Though some brands are built to last for a span of time, however, Mercedes-Benz vehicles are built to last forever.


There may be many German car brands that are famous around the world since Germany was known to as the birthplace of automobiles. Moreover, car companies in Germany have some remarkable skilled vehicle engineers and designers. Some of the best car brands in Germany are BMW, Porsche, Mercedes and Audi. Nevertheless, the best German car brand is Mercedes as its reputation is still unparalleled all over the world.


Not Just A Brand


The Mercedes-Benz brand is not just a familiar name, but there is more to such name for a reason. Even the three-pointed star badge placed in the front part of the vehicle doesn’t just identify a Mercedes-Benz. There is more to it than that because it represents everything that Mercedes-Benz stands for, done before and will be doing in the future. It also symbolizes their promise to deliver the best or nothing.


Mercedes-Benz has made a breakthrough in history by producing the first car ever. Since then, it has never stopped innovating, developing and reinventing it. Despite its meticulous engineering, Mercedes-Benz has been defined by its continuous innovation.


The 1954 Mercedes-Benz W196 The Most Expensive Production Benz

So far the most expensive Mercedes-Benz is the 1954 Mercedes-Benz W196. This well-known Mercedes-Benz is a combination of beauty and elegance and is one of a kind. The reason why this Mercedes-Benz cost far more expensive than other Mercedes-Benz is that it is a total package. There is no doubt how beautiful this car is from every angle. More importantly, the Mercedes-Benz W196 was one of the fastest cars available during that time.


Also included in the total package is the precious piece of history it carries. The 1954 Mercedes-Benz W196 made history when it was used by great formula one race car driver, Juan Manuel Fangio, to set a new formula one world record. Moreover, it competed and won nine of twelve races and two World Championships.


There were fourteen Mercedes-Benz W196 vehicles existed. During this time, ten Mercedes-Benz W196 cars still exist; six of which are inside Mercedes-Benz company while three are in museums. The Mercedes-Benz W196 was the first car in the world to use direct fuel injection and desmodromic valves.


Rudolf Uhlenhaut designed the W125 racing car of 1937, along with W154 and W165. He was then the one who designed the W196 after the war, so the four vehicles used similar design principles. The tubular, stiff, but lightweight space frame used for this car weighed only 36 kg. It was intended to have an escalated polar moment of inertia.


The 1954 Mercedes-Benz W196 was made to win a world title, and indeed it effectively won. Its features met all the demands of the Grand Prix formula required by the sport’s governing body.


The vehicle has a capacity of 2,500 CC without a supercharger or 750 CC with a supercharger. It can run for a distance of 300 km or a minimum of three hours. It has a 2.5-liter inline-eight engine. The basis of the engine featured technology was the Messerschmitt 109 plane of World War Two.


The 2.5-liter inline-eight engine was installed at an angle of 53 degrees to the right in the space frame to reduce frontal area and lower the center of gravity. It also used a crankshaft with one piece con-rods having a 68.8mm stroke, and 76mm bore. Such engine configuration was inspired by the 18/100 hp Grand Prix car of 1914. The cylinders used for the engine, divided into two groups of four with a central power take-off, were connected to a base plate.


The fuel used for the vehicle was an Esso mixture that is highly reactive, also included in the mixture was code RD 1, a combination of 2 percent nitrobenzene, 3 percent acetone, 25 percent 110/130 octane petrol, 25 percent methanol and 45 percent benzene.


Instead of using the conventional De Dion layout, the Mercedes-Benz W196 has a rear suspension swing axles with low pivot point. The design was made this way for its better behavior under acceleration. Moreover, its springing and front suspension used torsion bars, however, the front suspension includes a double wishbone. Moreover, telescopic dampers fitted back, and front and its water and oil coolers were situated right at the front.


The valves were closed by the action of the cams and rocker arms, instead of by springs when using desmodromic valve actuation. Around 50mm inlet diameter was used for the valves; each cylinder contains two valves.


Mercedes-Benz was the first to successfully prevail the limitations of using a spring in closing valves. It was the first that worked out, and Mercedes-Benz is one of the two makers to produce winning performance in world championship using desmodromic valve actuation.


What Makes A Mercedes-Benz


Since then, the name Mercedes-Benz has become a symbol for absolute quality and luxury. Consumers pay an excessive amount of money for Mercedes-Benz vehicles because they see that the experience and satisfaction of owning it outweigh the price. Such customers are aware that they are never less satisfied with the luxury and performance they witness in the vehicles.


Many have dreamt of owning one of these cars because of its outstanding features. Some of the most amazing models that exist in the world contain features that are unique and particular to Mercedes-Benz models.


A Combination of Innovation, Performance and Design


After the breakthrough done by Carl Benz for inventing a three-wheeled, self-propelled motor wagon, it changed the way people moved and inspired many to continue further striving for innovation until this day. While there’s an unending roster of new achievements, the only reason Mercedes-Benz, the world’s first automobile maker, remains first is because of its continuous strive to innovate.


Being the first to produce a vehicle, Mercedes-Benz built Mercedes 170 that features the very first fully independent suspension, which allows each wheel to respond individually. Also, a new hydraulic braking system was attached to it. Mercedes 170 sets safety standards and new performance benchmarks that remain the standard today.


There is no doubt about the performance offered by Mercedes-Benz. Because of its many facets of performance, Mercedes-Benz lets you feel an extraordinary, thrilling performance of a lifetime. The performance of a Mercedes-Benz is a combination of performances from its engines, traction, brakes, transmissions and suspensions.


The heart of an automobile is the engine itself. Since Karl Benz’s invented the three-wheeled, self-propelled motor wagon, the engine has become the stepping stone for continuous automotive performance. Mercedes-Benz has provided many forms of an engine from powerful v-8s, to economic clean diesel.


Each one of them created for the purpose of producing exceptional responsiveness, efficiency, and power. On the other hand, transmissions from Mercedes-Benz are proficient in harnessing output so that it can deliver it efficiently when called.


Mercedes-Benz vehicles, equipped with Electronic Stability Program, helps distribute weight so the car can offer a rewarding feeling during acceleration at the same time hold the road. Next, suspensions of Mercedes-Benz are engineered to adapt to a person’s driving style. Lastly, Mercedes-Benz vehicles have an adaptive braking system designed for a quick and precise stopping.


The totality of beauty, inside and out, of a Mercedes-Benz, speaks how much importance given to its design. However, what they achieve goes far beyond sheer appearance only. Mercedes-Benz hires the best textile, graphic, interface and industrial designers to devote themselves to the craft of automobile making. Its designers produce vehicles that look, sound and feel like nothing else.


Safety First Is The Number One Rule


One of the reasons why Mercedes-Benz remain as one of the top quality driven companies of all time is because of the excellent safety you can get from it. Over half a century now, Mercedes-Benz engineers have been continuously operated to preparing for any emergency situations or accidents that may occur.


Many innovations have taken place to strengthen and develop the vehicle for this. Most likely, the safety firsts of Mercedes-Benz set a standard to all automobiles. Any model of Mercedes-Benz has been set to protect you in ways you might never have imagined. At present, Mercedes-Benz provides new and different breakthroughs to make an accident less likely and less severe.




Mercedes-Benz continues to outshine and excel in the field of car manufacturing industry. Until now, the company still embodies and integrates its core values to its works.

The 1954 Mercedes-Benz W196 truly captures the total package filled with beauty, luxury, and elegance brought by one of the most renowned and established car manufacturing company in the world. Such Mercedes-Benz is the only remaining example of a milestone race car because this car dominated every Grand Prix Contest it entered.


Since Mercedes-Benz continues its effort to attain constant innovation to serve and deliver better products, no doubt there will be more expensive cars sold shortly. More global wealth will mean a huge demand for expensive items. Though there may be more expensive cars sold quickly, there are still few cars in history that can boast a provenance as extensive as this 1954 Mercedes-Benz W196.


Due to the impact made by Mercedes-Benz not just in the car manufacturing industry, but also in the history of humanity, it paved the way for the development and innovation of new and improved technology for vehicles. This global recognition experienced by Mercedes-Benz moved and inspired others to strive and build a brand based on the core values imposed and followed by Mercedes-Benz.


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What You Need To Know About Kanye From His Mercedes-Benz Lyrics

Why does kanye west love mercedes benz so much? Kanye grew up in the south side of chicago and many of the people that lived what he refers to as "The Good Life" Drove a Mercedes Benz. To him it is the epitome of luxury and status.

The Undeniable Link Between Kayne West And Mercedes Benz

Love him or hate him, we can’t deny the fact that Kanye has produced hit songs after hit songs that made a mark in the music industry and popular culture. And if there is one thing that Kanye West thrives on, that is change itself.


But while Kanye continues to innovate and experiment with different elements all throughout his career, what remains unchanged is his love for the luxurious Mercedes-Benz. To this day, Yeezy has made more shoutouts to Mercedes-Benz compared to the countless references he has for other brands.


A Benz has and continues to be Kanye West’s muse. He is open and persistent about using the brand as his source of inspiration. In all of his songs and albums, the Mercedes prevails as the ultimate emblem of success for Kanye. Earning a Benz, and driving one, signify to everyone how an individual has made it regarding financial independence and higher ranks in social status.


And as a writer, Kanye has extensively made himself a subject of his works, and the Benz maintains a vital part in the image he builds in the music industry. In many scenarios, the Benz is an ever-present element that adds personality to Kanye’s dreams, bars, and even to his make-believe presidential portraits.


Although it’s quite easy to conclude that Benz is convenient enough to use since there are plenty of words that rhyme with it, we can understand much of Kanye West’s career through his memorable and often revealing Benz quotes.


Here are some of the songs with Benz lyrics Kanye penned that can help us probe into his psyche.


Last Call


“Mayonnaise-colored Benz, I push Miracle Whips” is the line that helped jump start Kanye West’s career as one of the industry’s most famous rappers. As he explains in the outro of his piece titled “Last Call,” the lyric convinced Jay-Z that Kanye also has what it takes to be a hip hop artist.


The track serves as The College Dropout’s narrative of the beginning of his influential position in the music scene. According to some interviews, Kanye was only around 21 years old when he came up with the line in front of Jay-Z. That was the moment when Kanye began formulating ideas for what the world would soon know as his debut album.


So, yes, Kanye West’s career started with a Benz lyric. And he continues to drop Mercedes-Benz lines for fans and critics alike to encounter in more of his singles and albums. With the line, we get a glimpse of a typical Kanye with his wordplay on cultural references and praise for his favorite vehicle.


Breathe In Breathe Out


With this song, Kanye announced his presence as a rapper who can bring together unique sounds from different artists. To be the first to have a “Benz and a backpack” is telling of how Kanye is the rapper with both a grounded social consciousness and the bone for being a producer of mainstream music for life in the fast lane.


Kanye West is the kind of artist who can blur the boundaries between the socio-cultural context and the industry-manipulated elements of a song. Doing so makes him one of the few rappers who paved the way for two distinct paths of rap to merge.


It is also good to note that Kanye is probably the only artist who can get Bon Iver, Jay-Z, Rick Ross, and Nicki Minaj together for a single or the only rapper who can work with Bon Iver, Paul McCartney, and Rihanna all at the same time. Again, for Kanye, it’s about working with both the Benz and the backpack.


Out of Your Mind


Even before Kanye defined the kind of artist he is, his fascination for the German automobile maker is already identifiable at the beginning of his career. In a demo he made back in 2001, Kanye displayed familiar rap themes like a casual misogyny and praise for expensive things.


With lines comparing the love Kanye has for cars and girls, the demo shows another side of Kanye West. That is his incapacity to make relationships work. Loving something as fancy as a Benz will come easy for Kanye, but loving another person is the challenge for him.

He finds it difficult to understand and value people, especially women. As for material possessions, he finds it easy enough to appreciate them that Kanye being Kanye will always choose the Benz over a woman. At least, that’s what the lyrics say.




In less than one year in college, Kanye West was able to release three albums that many of us would gladly call our college life soundtrack. There was no mistaking the influence Kanye’s albums had on the youth.


And it wasn’t just the songs that made a mark on the listeners. Kanye’s decisions to include a bear mascot and to wear Polo shirts as part of the package for the music he produced at the time were all signifiers of how he is a relatable figure to his audience.


But, like what the lyrics say about making it from “student loans to a Benzo,” Kanye shows just how much he can connect with seemingly different listeners – the college students and the traditional audience of mainstream rap.


Kanye knows who his markets are and how to pique the interests of every kind of audience. Like bringing together different musicians, Kanye can also make the diverse crowds pause for a while to listen to the same music and to what he has to say as an artist.


In the end, his college trilogy produced more than just rap songs but also a generation of fans who grew up with his music and have come to appreciate hip hop.


Make Her Say


Cars aren’t the only things that Kanye loves to drop in his songs. He also makes references to historical figures he admires or thinks are comparable to himself. Kanye presents himself as the Steve Jobs, Picasso, Michael Jordan, Kubrick, Tesla, or even Disney of music.

In Make Her Say, Kanye disses a bus and says his “Benz is parked like Rosa.” Here, we get another glimpse of his take on history and social reality which he uses for his music, not just as a form of expression but also as a means to build his status in the industry.


Social awareness is a common element in rap, and to spit the lyrics the way Kanye did, again, heralds the Mercedes as a symbol of luxury and high station. To liken the Benz to Rosa Parks who was a civil rights activist who refused to yield her seat in a bus seat to a white passenger is telling.


That was a way for Kanye to elevate even more the status of Mercedes-Benz as something comparable to a historical figure who inspired valuable changes in society. All while, in his way, cementing the high respect he has for Rosa and everyone else who, ironically, fought for equality.




Though initially, Kanye found it difficult to enter the hip-hop industry because he did not conform to the status quo associated with the genre, he still found ways to incorporate one of the most common characteristics of rap music. He made an ode to affluence by rapping about starting from the bottom and then owning the top.


Singing about his other Benz and his “other, other Benz,” only shows just how luxurious his life has become. With just two words, Kanye pulled off something that befits his now glorified celebrity status. Indeed, he has become the man who has so many Benzes, and it’s become impossible for people to track him or his wealth.


Now, how many people can honestly say they have this kind of problem if it is a problem at all? Not everyone does, but with Kanye sharing a bit of his lavish lifestyle, aka one of his achievements, everyone can pretend and claim they have other, other Benzes.


Gold Digger


The megahit song Gold Digger featuring Jamie Foxx also tackles the typical rags to riches theme in the automotive-driven world of the music industry (pun intended).


When Kanye and Jamie rapped about someone making it big by going “into a Benz out of that Datsun,” they displayed yet again how ambition, a good dose of talent, and real hard work can take anyone out of an old Datsun and into a luxury car.


It’s the metaphor for transformation, an economic and social success, that rappers commonly include in their songs. And more often than not, that is always the case for them when they make their mark in the hip hop industry.


Christian Dior Denim Flow


Aside from cars, historical figures, and social awareness here and there, Kanye is also passionate about fashion and being involved with people from that industry. On this particular song, released as a GOOD Friday single, Kanye drops the names of at least 15 models he wants to sleep with, all in one verse.


Naming Esti Ginzburg and Bar Rafaeli, famous Israeli models, was just part of the era that Kanye has dedicated to the celebration of excess and indulgence. Saying he was in a Benz with Leonardo DiCaprio, who was dating Rafaeli at the time, displays the fantasies that Kanye had about living in the fast lane.


The only thing is, those fantasies were not far from reality with the way Kanye was living and basking in the fame that comes with his success in rap. That is also evident in the knowledge he has of the fashion industry. One might even say that the way he talks about the industry shows just how deep his involvement is, and that is true since he began working on his Yeezy fashion line.


Hey Mama


A tribute to his mother, Donda West, Hey Mama is perhaps the most emotionally-charged song Kanye West has released ever.


The track will take us back to a time when Kanye still hasn’t arrived at the level of success and wealth he is enjoying now. It is a moment when Kanye makes a promise to his mother, saying he will give her “that Benzo” when he has accumulated enough money and fame.


Birthday Song


Despite the initial connection and relatability value that he builds in his other music, the Birthday Song draws the difference between Kanye West and ordinary people, aka you and me.


It’s a warning to anyone trying to touch or do anything destructive while enjoying a free ride in one of the Benzes Kanye owns. If anyone does anything Kanye doesn’t like, then that person might just go back to the level where he came from before he got to experience the Benz.

Following our previous takes on a Benz as the metaphorical definition of success, the fast lane, or the high life, it can mean that Kanye is willing to let anyone in on his celebrity life just as long as that “pedestrian” doesn’t cross the line.


Or the lyrics may also mean Kanye just doesn’t want anyone messing with one of his luxury cars. You know, being the usual reaction of a typical rich guy. If anyone of us owned a Benz, we’d pretty much do the same thing.


But Kanye being Kanye, he probably means both as he, again, contrasts the Mercedes to a lower form of transportation, which is walking.


Having a Benz or having a lifestyle comparable to one is the high way of living (again pun intended), while anything less than that is pedestrian.


On Sight


Kanye West’s sixth solo album is the complete opposite of his My Beautiful, Dark Twisted Fantasy. The album initially has a harsh tone comparable to a blast of noise. And just as you consider taking shelter from all that sound, Kanye begins to rap.


With On Sight, Kanye pushes his audience away from him first through the sound and beat of the song and then through the lyrics. Pulling up and parking his Benz before getting a woman who’s “shaking like Parkinson’s” is one of the lines that gives life to the villainous Yeezus-era of Kanye.


The song is just one of the other singles on his album that display an even wilder persona that Kanye created. And while he continues to rap about his favorite Benz, his words turned into something foul, unagreeable, and rather toxic instead of describing the enviable and celebratory life he presented previously.


Unsurprisingly, the lyric generated angry and negative reactions, especially from politically-correct people and advocates. And with that, the lyric, the song, and ultimately the album, might have just achieved its goal of filtering out the easily offended people. Here is Kanye showing just how little he cares about matters close to other people while he spawns a whole new, different persona.


Send It Up


On Send It Up, still a part of his Yeezus album, we get another dose of Kanye’s love for his Benzes. But this time, his love reaches a whole new level that some might dismiss as something absurd.


Kanye talks about going on a date with a girl who asks him if he can get all of her friends inside the club. Again, Kanye compares people to his Benz. But unlike the Rosa Parks comparison, Kanye downplays the value he has for other people’s friends.


Instead of inviting the friends, he compares them to his Benz, which he can’t bring inside the club. And so, he tells the girl to “park” her friends “outside ‘til the evening ends.”


So, call Kanye conceited for all you want. That lyric was an arrogant display of power and is a different level of wordplay for Kanye. People will either love or hate that line. They will either cringe or cheer upon hearing it. And that drawing different reactions by raising himself to a stage that is above everyone else is what defines Kanye.




No one can deny the love Kanye West has for his ride with all the Mercedes-Benz references he made all throughout his music career and with the kind of life he lives ever since he became a famous rapper. Though some of us would hate to admit it, Kanye can be a representative of our deprived selves and our selfish and sometimes perverted impulses. All the Benz references he makes are suggestive of a vibrant and often overloaded celebrity life Kanye has. It’s something we’d want to emulate even when we love to hate it.


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