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1966 MB 250SL Roadster Engine Parts For Sale

 1966 MB 250SL Roadster

1966 MB 250SL Roadster Engine Parts For Sale

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Adsit offers hard to find engines and engine parts for 1966 Mercedes-Benz 250SL Roadster.

1963 MB 220SEb/C Convertible Engine Parts For Sale

1963 MB 220SEb/C Convertible Engine


1963 MB 220SEb/C Convertible Engine Parts For Sale

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Adsit offers hard to find engines and engine parts for 1963 Mercedes-Benz 220SEb/C Convertible.

1963 MB 220SEb Engine Parts For Sale

1963 MB 220SEb Engine Parts

1963 MB 220SEb Engine Parts For Sale

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Adsit offers hard to find engines and engine parts for 1963 Mercedes-Benz 220SEb.

Tesla’s Model 3 Beefed Up in Safety – It’s Major Selling Point

Courtesy Wikipedia

Automotive safety counts as the most important factor in the auto industry, particularly in the United States. Automotive related fatalities rose 6% in 2016 with an estimate of 30,000 to 40,200 deaths in the US alone. It was the second year recorded with increased deaths. The reports set an all-time high record for death which exceeded 40,000 within the past ten years.

Vehicles on the road today are a lot safe than ever. However, with the advancement of technology, it continues to raise the standard of customer expectation.

TESLA’s Breakthrough

Car manufacturers put a lot of importance on the safety of their vehicles. Tesla is no exception in the list; the automaker proudly advertised their Model S in achieving the best safety rating. In 2013, the Model S received high marks for its safety rating.

Within the past years, the automaker persists to evolve in developing better technology for its vehicles. Within months, the company will launch its newest vehicle, Model 3. The latest model will feature huge development in its technology.

Adam Jonas, the analyst at Morgan Stanly emphasized the research made to their latest model. He said that the Model 3 will “provide a level of active safety that could significantly lead all other cars on sale today.” The breakthrough made possible with the combination of both software and hardware features of the vehicle. He also believed that this might be the “aha!” moment in the auto industry and for customers.

Jonas considers the Model 3 to be 10 times safer compared to the average car on the road; a feature that makes the best selling point in any vehicle.

Tesla’s Model 3 prices at $35,000 will launch later this year, and Jonas anticipates that the vehicle will lead the game for automotive manufacturing.


The company’s commitment to the continuous improvement of the Autopilot features serves as the crucial factor in the safety of the Model 3. Drivers nowadays happen to be far more distracted, thanks to the invention of mobile devices.

Tesla’s Autopilot technology is set to a rough start but it will definitely improve as the vehicles started rolling out. The company newest version of Autopilot operates the second-generation hardware suite.

Even without the activation of the Autopilot, Tesla still gathers important sensor data for fleet-learning uses. The technology uses safety feature such as automatic emergency braking system or AEB. Similarly, Jonas estimates that the company can gather about 400 million miles worth of data in a day by the year 2025 to 2030. It also includes data gathered from future ride-sharing services of Tesla.

The analyst also mentioned about the current condition of the driver assistance and not the full blown Level 4 or 5 independent driving. Autonomous driving will not be made possible within the next few years.

Tesla also considers that the present technology will eventually lead to a full self-driving capable vehicle. Jonas thinks that the Model 3 will give “superhuman” support for the safety of its human drivers.

Houston Storm Could Wreak Havoc on Your Interior

rainstormThose of you in the Houston area are experiencing some might crazy storms right now (as are people in Colorado and a few other parts of the country), and that can often mean destroyed car interiors. If you need to replace something inside your Mercedes because of some unfortunate weather or you’re simply looking to keep the inside of the car looking nice, head over to our interiors page for the excellent discounts available right now.


HOUSTON (AP) — More than a foot of rain had fallen by Monday afternoon in parts of Houston, submerging scores of subdivisions and several major interstate highways, forcing the closure of schools and knocking out power to thousands of residents who were urged to shelter in place.

Sylvester Turner, mayor of the nation’s fourth-largest city, told residents to stay home to fend off a weather system he called “stubborn.” More rain was projected over the next two to three days, although heavy downpours had subsided and only another half-inch was expected through Monday night, he said.

Dual-Clutch Transmission from Ford a Bad Bet


image via Ford

Ford ended up giving the public a lemon as far as the 2012 Focus was concerned. The problems with the vehicle were due to it having a double clutch, which was an absolute headache for a large portion of the people who bought the car. Additionally, Fiestas and Focuses released between 2011 and 2015 had some notorious shifting problems.

On a somewhat related note, if you are working on the transmission for a Mercedes Benz, head over to our transmission page for any parts you might need.


It’s always a gamble for an automaker to try new things. When that gamble fails it usually results in a big loss. Car companies will normally man up and take some responsibility, but not always. In 2012 Ford released a lemon, the Focus, and one option was Ford’s PowerShift dual-clutch semi-automatic transmission.

The models of Fiesta and Focus from 2011/2012-2015 respectively were infected with a horrible issue where the transmission would shudder while going from first to second gear, with the issue sometimes continuing into third gear. Continue Reading

2015 Audi A3 Having Air Conditioning Problems


image via Audi

If you happen to have a 2015 Audi A3, you should be aware of an air conditioning issue that has been plaguing the vehicle. Apparently in some of the vehicles of this model, it is running loud and it’s hardly blowing cool air at all. If you have similar issues with your air conditioning in a Mercedes, you can find the parts to fix it yourself by visiting our climate control page.


The problem: In affected vehicles the air conditioning is noisy, does not cool or is weak. Symptoms could be intermittent. This condition could be due to a faulty air-conditioning compressor or regulating valve.

Vehicles affected by this service bulletin:

    2015 Audi A3

    2015 Audi A3 Cabriolet

Corrective action: Dealers will replace either the air-conditioning compressor or the regulating valve, flush the system of contaminants, recharge the system and test for leaks. This is a labor-intensive operation; plan on leaving the car for up to two days. Read More

Video Proof Street Racing is a Bad Idea

Do you guys remember this awesome gem of a video from 2003? The guy narrowly “wins” the race when the other driver backs off a bit, but then loses control and crashes his car and apparently ruins his rims considering he yells “MY RIMS” in an absolute moment of understandable panic.

Younger Americans are Naming Their Cars

A study that eBay recently commissioned found that almost 40 percent of millennials are giving their cars names like Bob, Buddy, Betsy, Baby and Bessie. Possibly because of this, they are much more emotionally attached to their vehicles than other generations and are more likely to keep their cars around for a longer time. Likewise, they are customizing these cars heavily, including the installation of all kinds of accessories and high-quality rims.


Millennials, often noted for their nostalgia, are not only keeping their cars for longer, they’re also much more likely to give their vehicles names.

Already the average age of all registered light vehicles has risen from 8.4 years in 1995 to 11.4 in 2014, the US Department of Transportation reported.

And a cultural shift among a new generation of car owners could help increase that number even more. Continue Reading

Drop-Top S500 Cabriolet Reviewed


image via

With an absolutely plush interior, the Mercedes Benz S500 Cabriolet offers an incredible level of comfort for the driver and passenger. The only real downside is that the back seats are somewhat cramped – almost to the point where they’re unusable. If you don’t have a family and are looking for a fun new Mercedes to drive, take a look at the S500.


Magnificent, isn’t it? The all-new Mercedes S-Class Cabriolet is obviously just a soft-top, two-door S-Class, but it looks so much grander than the already fabulous hard-top; a proper land-yacht. The first drop-top S-Class since 1971, no less.

Thing is, unlike most other Mercedes, this isn’t a Benz that competes directly with Audis and BMWs. This is a rival for Bentley, for Aston Martin, and Ferrari. Bizarre as it may seem, in that rarefied, exotic-badged, artisan company, this Benz is the least impressive badge. It’s the mainstream one.

Still, as mainstream cars go…

Where to start? Perhaps with that wraparound chrome beltline slither that’s visible roof up or roof down. Continue Reading

Mercedes G500 4×4 Squared Might Come to USA

Mercedes-Benz-G500-4x4-Squared-front-three-quarter1For Mercedes Benz enthusiasts and those who are into off road, the Mercedes Benz G500 4×4 Squared is a machine worth coveting, especially since the specific model wasn’t going to be sold in the US. However, higher ups in Mercedes are now apparently discussing bringing it to our shores, which would be more than welcome. We’re really excited to see what kind of accessories will be available for this beast.


There are more than a few car enthusiasts who think there’s nothing cooler than an old-school, utilitarian Mercedes-Benz SUV that has more in common with a Jeep Wrangler than a C-Class.

Imagine, then, the collective disappointment when we learned that one of the wildest versions yet of the famous G-Class SUV, the 4×4 Squared, wouldn’t be sold in the U.S. Fortunately, that may be about to change, according to Mercedes-Benz U.S. production planning manager Bart Herring.

Herring told Motor1 that Mercedes is still working to get the G500 4×4 Squared to the U.S. market, and that the company is “very close to a good decision” on bringing the extravagant boulder-jumper here. Continue Reading

Dog Drives C Class Down Motorway?

Dog-drives-car-down-motorway-in-rush-hour--via-Mercury PressHow would you react if you saw a dog driving on a busy road during rush hour? That’s exactly what Oliver Gee thought he saw during a commute home -a dog driving a Mercedes Benz C Class. Though it turned out that the dog was just sitting on the lap of its owner -and the person who was really driving the vehicle- and not actually controlling the Mercedes’ steering, Gee was able to snap a great photo of what he saw.


A private detective was stunned when he saw what appeared to be a dog driving a Mercedes car merrily down a motorway’s fast lane during rush hour.

Oliver Gee was heading home from work on the M6 in Cheshire when he saw the hound behind the wheel of the C class in the corner of his eye.

Quick as a flash the 33-year-old told his colleague Chris Lambert to get the camera ready as they passed the motoring mutt again.

But the dad-of-two realized [sic] it was in fact a human driver with a dog on his lap, seemingly allowing it to lean on the wheel with its feet. Continue Reading

Image via Mercury Press

Mercedes Benz First Quarter Sales Grow Two Times Faster than BMW

mercedes-factory-worker--via-bloombergFor some of us, the rivalry between Mercedes Benz and BMW owners is a lot of fun, especially when it means talking trash to a real life friend or two. For others, it can culminate in real hatred for Beamer drivers (Calm down. Seriously.). In any case, the news that Mercedes Benz grew at a rate twice as fast as BMW through the first quarter of this year makes for some excellent smack talk, which is only made sweeter by the fact that Mercedes Benz makes such fine autos with a bevy of great parts to work with.


Mercedes-Benz boosted sales twice as fast as BMW in the first quarter, moving closer to clinching the lead in the world’s luxury-car market for the first time in a decade.

The Daimler AG unit’s deliveries soared 13 percent to 483,487 vehicles in the three months through March, compared with a 6 percent increase to 478,743 cars for BMW AG’s namesake brand. Sales of compact cars such as the A-Class hatchback increased 26 percent to more than 150,000, Mercedes said. Volkswagen AG’s Audi ranked third at 455,750 vehicles sold, a gain of 4 percent from a year earlier. Continue Reading

image via Bloomberg

Mercedes C Class Front Bumper Replacement

Looking to get your hands dirty and replace the front bumper on your Mercedes Benz C Class yourself? The video below offers up an excellent walkthrough on taking care of the body work without much effort. If you’ve ever tried to do something similar without video assistance, you know how much of a nightmare it can be to tackle body work on your own, so this video is more than welcome:

Have You Thought About Your Threshold Plate Recently?

muddy-seasonIt’s likely one Mercedes accessory that you have put less thought into than pretty much every other part of your car, but you should think about swapping out the threshold plates soon. Especially since the muddy season is upon us, you’re going to want as much interior protection as possible. That’s doubly true considering how bonkers the weather has been recently. For example, KOMO News out of the Northwest did an unofficial study on the rainy madness in that part of the country:


Sure I’ve been tossing a lot of statistics in this blog about how wet it’s been this fall and winter: Wettest Oct. 1-March 31 on record (with days to spare), 116 rainy days in that period, 42-plus inches of rain, yadda yadda.

But I’m sure it’s one thing to just read numbers; it’s another thing to visualize it.

So I present a visual scrapbook of our rainy season: A satellite loop that spans from October 1 through March 19. Each frame is 8 hours apart. Continue Reading

It’s Time to Tune Up Your Benz

spark-plugThough it should be common knowledge, it seems that many people don’t know that the coming of warm weather after winter should mean giving your car a quick tune up. You don’t have to go all out and drop thousands of bucks at a mechanic to get the job done, in most cases you should be able to handle everything yourself – it’ll certainly save you a ton of cash and your car will be operational for years to come.


Spring weather might be hard to find in Ontario this year but even though it’s cold outside it’s time to start thinking about giving your car or truck a spring tune-up.

“More than 90 per cent of your driving decisions are based on what you see, so visibility is critical, ” says Bill Gardiner, mechanic and spokesperson for Kal Tire.

Gardiner says windshield wiper blades are among the most important safety items worth replacing in spring time but they’re often overlooked by drivers. Continue Reading

Automatic Transmissions Only Lose in ‘Fun’

stickshiftEven if you are a diehard fan of manual transmissions, there is no denying that the only benefit these days to having a manual transmission is that it is a lot more fun to drive with. Otherwise, modern transmissions are more fuel efficient and actually cost less than the manual alternative. Still, that fun factor goes a long way, especially when driving a Mercedes Benz, right?


My wife and I have been driving Japanese cars with manual transmissions for decades. They’re fun to drive, more fuel-efficient, and they never break. Plus, the once-in-a-lifetime clutch repair is a fraction of the cost of repairing an automatic transmission, if the horror stories I’ve read are any indication. My wife has started to look for another vehicle to replace her aging Subaru Forester, and we both are stunned to find that:

    It’s hard to find cars with manual transmissions now.
They’re more expensive.
They aren’t as fuel-efficient as modern automatic continuously variable transmissions.

So, our big question is this: If we go with an automatic transmission this time, what regular maintenance will we have to do in order to avoid those very expensive transmission repairs? Continue Reading

Grad Student Designs an Insanely Efficient Transmission

dorsch-transmission--via-autoweekA grad student and PHD candidate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology named Dan Dorsch has designed a clutchless transmission that continues to move the vehicle while shifting is taking place. It’s also designed to work flawlessly with hybrids, giving it an even greater focus on efficiency. It’ll likely be years before we see Dorsch’s design available for sale to the public, so if you’re in the market for a Mercedes Benz transmission, you might want to take a peek through our selection to at least keep your car running until Dorsch’s transmission is available.


Dan Dorsch, a second-year PhD candidate at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, recently won the Lemelson-MIT “Drive it!” award for his high-performance, clutchless hybrid transmission. Dorsch and his team worked to develop a transmission that blended both aspects of hybrid technology: crushing total performance, like we can see in the Porsche 918 and in Formula One, and the efficiency of a Toyota Prius. Continue Reading

Image via Autoweek

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