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Changes Coming Soon to Mercedes-Benz Dealerships

mercedes-benz-dealershipDietmar Exler, the new CEO of Mercedes-Benz USA, has announced that he’s planning to bring a number of changes to the brand’s dealerships. These will include both modifications to the way the dealerships look as well as changes to the training programs for dealers.

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That’s part of the message Exler will give to retailers this week at Mercedes-Benz’s annual dealer meeting in Vancouver, British Columbia. And it means change is likely for some of the training requirements the brand has made for dealerships in recent years. Dealers have been pushing Mercedes to streamline those requirements.

“Maybe we can find ways, by looking together, how can we make it smoother throughout the process,” Exler told Automotive News.

“That’s something we definitely want to focus on with the dealers specifically as it looks like it’s going to be a little trickier going forward in the economy. The 1 million automatic growth year over year on industry sales won’t be there.” Continue Reading

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