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Chicago’s Albany Park Sees Rims Theft

wheel-rimIf you live near Albany Park in Chicago, you may want to consider renting a garage to park your car in overnight, especially if it’s a Mercedes and you have some nice rims on it. Thieves in the area have been targeting cars’ rims and leaving people without tires, which must be completely terrible to wake up to. Here’s hoping none of you have to deal with this issue.


Residents in Chicago’s Albany Park neighborhood say they are waking up to find their cars on cinder blocks with their tires and rims stolen.

When you park on the street you’re assuming some risk for a break-in, but some of these crimes are happening in driveways right in front of victims’ homes.

Faisal Patel:”The tires been stolen, that’s it!”

ABC7’s Laura Thoren: “And you think they are professionals?”

Faisal Patel: “Yes, they are.”

Faisal Patel woke up Monday morning to find his 2014 Toyota Corolla useless, sitting on concrete blocks with four of its alloy wheels missing – stolen by thieves overnight. Continue Reading

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