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Clifton, NJ, Cop Under Investigation After Brake Checking a Driver

An officer in Clifton, NJ, is in hot water after dashcam footage caught him brake checking the driver behind him. In the video, shared below, you can see the cop braking quick in the middle of the street with nothing in front of him. As you can imagine, this dangerous practice hasn’t gone over lightly with the city’s residents, which has resulted in an investigation by the police department’s Internal Affairs.

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A dashcam recording of a city police officer braking suddenly in the middle of the roadway, and then issuing multiple tickets to the driver behind him has caused an uproar among some residents and triggered an internal affairs probe of the officer involved.

The footage, taken by the driver’s dashcam, was posted last week to YouTube by a Clifton resident who identified himself only as Omar B. It shows the officer slamming on his brakes in front of the motorist as he drives north up Van Houten Avenue.

There is nothing in front of the officer when he brakes suddenly, and the officer admits in the recording that he braked only because he felt the motorist behind him was following too closely. As a result, the driver is forced to brake quickly in the middle of the road. Continue Reading

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