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Concern for Tesla as Mercedes-Benz Announces Electric Vehicle

Tesla’s Model S has been one of the most beautiful options available for electric cars, and has flourished as a business due to a lack of competent competition. That will change coming 2018, the proposed release date for the new Mercedes Electric Vehicle, which claims to be capable of running 300 miles on a single charge of the battery while still being within the same price bracket of the Tesla S model. This is bad news as the popular sports car brand name could give Mercedes a heavy advantage in the competitive market.

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Tesla makes the hottest electric vehicles in town, but that’s only because Tesla is the only carmaker that’s been serious about electric cars for any decent amount of time. But as Tesla tries to figure out how to manufacture and deliver its cheapest electric vehicle yet on time, Tesla’s competitors are readying plans to make their own electric cars. Among them is none other than Mercedes-Benz, a former Tesla shareholder, which will manufacture a Tesla Model S killer by 2018.

This isn’t a rumor anymore, as the German company confirmed it’s working on such a car, offering expected range, price and launch details for the vehicle. Even better, the car will be on display at this year’s Paris car show.

The all-new Mercedes-Benz EV sedan will make an appearance in Paris in late September. The car is going to cost around $200,000 in 2018 when it’ll be released, and it promises to offer 300 miles (500km) of range on a single charge. Continue Reading

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