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How To Connect An iPhone To A Mercedes Benz Via BlueTooth

Connecting a Smartphone on a Mercedes-Benz


Here are the steps in connecting your iPhone.


Step 1: Unlock your iPhone using the touchscreen, “slide to unlock.” And Go to “Settings”

Step 2: Find “Bluetooth” and press it. Check if it is turned on, if not, slide to turn on “Bluetooth”

Step 3: Once the phone’s Bluetooth is on, “Now Discoverable” should be on the screen.

Step 4: Now, start the Mercedes engine to idle. You need to get to the telephone screen of the vehicle hands-free mode. You can press the “TEL” key on the radio and then select “Phone.”

Step 5: One on the Phone application, press the “Connect Dev.” on the lower left corner of the screen

Step 6: Select the “Search for Phone from Vehicle” option.

Step 7: Then select the “Start Search” function. Once you press the option, the system will begin to search for any Bluetooth compatible devices. Depending on the stored device in the system, the search will take some time

Step 8: Once the system found your iPhone, it will show the name of the device from the list.

Step 9: The system will then generate a 6-digit passcode and it will show it on the screen. You need to type the number displayed on the screen on your iPhone. Then select “Pair” on your iPhone if the code matches on what was displayed on the vehicle’s screen.

Step 11: Once the passcode is verified, the iPhone will initial an authorized access.


Step 12: Your iPhone will now show “MB Bluetooth” and “Connected”


Once the pairing is successful, the Mercedes-Benz hands-free system will display the name of your iPhone. The vehicle will show the name on the lower left corner of the screen, above the “Connect Dev.” icon.


Connecting other devices on a Mercedes-Benz


Here are the steps in connecting your mobile device.


Step 1:  Make sure the Bluetooth is ON, on your device. You can find Bluetooth in the Settings Menu of your device.

Step 2: Choose Tel from the Mercedes-Benz display screen.

Step 3: Go down to the option for Connect Device.

Step 4: Under the Connect Device you can find “Search for Phone” or “Connect via Phone”. Press “Search for Phone” for an easier access.

Step 5: Press “Start Search” in the vehicle option.


Step 6: Once you press the “Start Search” the vehicle will begin to look for any nearby compatible Bluetooth device. Try to glance once in a while in the screen of your device. Once the vehicle identifies your device, a message will appear on the screen.


Step 7: Once the vehicle found your device, just scroll down to your device’s name and select it. After pressing Select, your device will show passcode. Verify the code, make sure it matches the code on your vehicle and select “Yes.”


Step 8: Verify the Passkey is the same on your device as your display screen.


Step 9:  Your device is now connected in your Mercedes-Benz vehicle. Aside from receiving calls in your vehicle, you can also stream music from your device through the audio system.


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