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A Discussion About Rims

While it is a notably rare for a person to have the rims stolen off of a vehicle, we often hear news about it happening. While looking through news stories in an attempt to offer you guys Mercedes-Benz news coverage with only interesting or pertinent hand-picked stories, we end up seeing a ton of articles about some local police station or dealing with tire and rim thieves.

However, there is a positive side to this story – every story about a serial rim thief ends with the guy (it is pretty much always a male) getting caught by the local police force. Likewise, pretty much every one of these stories takes place on public streets, so if you park even in a driveway, if not a garage, your rims are about as safe as can be. What makes your rims even safer is the fact that a lot of the thefts happens from stores rather than individual car owners.

In any case, whenever we share stories about these kinds of crimes, the chances of your Mercedes-Benz rims or tires being taken are still practically zero.

We also see that a number of these stories end up being very targeted thefts, like this one about a person who got mad at a Walmart employee that wouldn’t accept a toy return so they got even by stealing the employee’s rims.

As noted above, these people seem to always get caught. And with that, here’s a story about some rims thieves getting arrested by Dartmouth police.


DARTMOUTH, Mass. (WPRI) — Police in Dartmouth arrested two men early Monday morning after they’re accused of stealing tire materials from a local car dealership.

Officers pulled over a car just before 2:00 a.m., arresting Kenneth Botelho, 27, and Javier Nova, 27, both of New Bedford. Continue Reading


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