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Full List of 1981-1985 Mercedes-Benz 380SE, 380SEC & 380SEL Transmissions

Finding the right parts or a whole working transmission for a classic car can seem like something that will end up taking forever. You are likely not going to have the chance to find what you need from a dealer when those places usually don’t carry even keep the pieces for a Mercedes-Benz released more than a few years ago.

Sites like Craigslist can end up leaving you scammed with little to no way to get your money back. Since 1979, we have offered Mercedes components over the phone or catalog and we also now offer online purchasing. When it comes to finding a transmission that will work in an older Mercedes-Benz, our site carries many in stock, as well as the years listed below for your 380SEL, 380SE or 380SEC Coupe.

1981-1983 380SEL Sedan Transmissions





1984-1985 380SE Sedan Transmissions




1982-1983 380SEC Coupe Transmissions



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