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Grad Student Designs an Insanely Efficient Transmission

dorsch-transmission--via-autoweekA grad student and PHD candidate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology named Dan Dorsch has designed a clutchless transmission that continues to move the vehicle while shifting is taking place. It’s also designed to work flawlessly with hybrids, giving it an even greater focus on efficiency. It’ll likely be years before we see Dorsch’s design available for sale to the public, so if you’re in the market for a Mercedes Benz transmission, you might want to take a peek through our selection to at least keep your car running until Dorsch’s transmission is available.


Dan Dorsch, a second-year PhD candidate at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, recently won the Lemelson-MIT “Drive it!” award for his high-performance, clutchless hybrid transmission. Dorsch and his team worked to develop a transmission that blended both aspects of hybrid technology: crushing total performance, like we can see in the Porsche 918 and in Formula One, and the efficiency of a Toyota Prius. Continue Reading

Image via Autoweek

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