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The Leaders in the Autonomous Car Market

Self-driving cars are all the rage right now, at least that’s what a look at the R&D section of most major automakers reveals. What’s really cool is that our favorite car manufacturer (Mercedes-Benz, obviously) is one of the leading companies in this new realm of technology. I personally can’t wait for the day where the only thing I’ll have to worry about with driving is something like replacing the transmission and other maintenance rather than dealing with other drivers.


Automakers have spent the majority of 2016 announcing their plans for self-driving and the future of automation, but while some just begin to prototype systems, others are soaring ahead of the pack.

Research and advisory firm Lux Research has charted the 12 major automakers on business execution and technical value, and noted if the company has a positive or negative view on the advent of self-driving.

Toyota, Honda, and Mercedes Benz are ahead right now, as you can see in the graph above. Tesla and BMW aren’t far behind, but the report claims that the two companies have a “wait and see” attitude to self-driving, rather than actively pushing for its arrival. The attitude is based on investments, partnerships, and demonstrated capability. Continue Reading

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