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Mercedes-AMG C43 Sounds Better than Most Cars Look

With a buttery-smooth purr, the Mercedes-AMG C43 coupe has an undeniably satisfying purr as it makes its way through the video below. However, the snapping sound coming from the 3.0-liter biturbo V6 engine might be a bit of a turnoff for some of you, but if you’re savvy enough to know that’s the turbo working its magic, then that snapping sound might be one of the most beautiful noises you’ve ever heard from a car that is arguably a production vehicle.

As far as what that engine can put out, you are looking at an astonishing 362 hp as well as 384 lb-ft for torque to get the car moving. And it’ll move quick with a zero to 60 that’d be tough for nearly any car on the road to match at 4.6 seconds.  The Mercedes-AMG C43 coupe also rocks a 9-speed 9G-TRONIC automatic transmission to really give the car excellent performance and kick at any speed.

As an even crazier testament to how powerful this car is, it is electronically limited to how fast it can go. Don’t worry, though, there’s a pretty good chance that if you pick one of these sporty C43s up you might not ever reach that limit – it is set at a blistering 155 miles per hour.

I will warn you, though, that while you watch the video below, that Mercedes engine might just lull you into a slumber with dreams of tearing through wooded areas and enjoying a car to its fullest. So, if you happen to be watching this at work, take another sip of coffee. But, if you’re like me, hearing this amazing C43’s engine will be more likely to just get you unreasonably excited. Wait, unreasonable isn’t the right word in this context – I meant to say rightfully thrilled to hear a car through desktop speakers (or whatever you’re listening with). Enjoy:

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