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Mercedes At the Back Of the Lineup with Most Recent Upgrades


A Spa Engine Upgrade Worth 5 F1 Tokens?

Mercedes has gone about with yet more tune ups and upgrades with their F1 racing team, pushing them all the way back on the start-up line. The trend of frequent replacements and upgrades are making all of their races uphill battles, and a lot of the blame is being shunted to under performances by the driver.

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The news comes on a weekend when the German car manufacturer has elected to hand Lewis Hamilton new components because he was running short.

He is currently facing a 30-place grid penalty for the race because he had new parts fitted for both practice sessions that took him over the allocation of five that he is allowed for the season.

With him already pegged to the back of the grid, it is possible that Mercedes may choose to add further new parts to his allocations in final free practice on Saturday.

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Mercedes has not specified in what areas its power unit has been improved, but both Hamilton and teammate Nico Rosberg have been given the new developments. Continue Reading

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