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Mercedes-Benz CLS Line Meets Final Editions

This is bittersweet news for any fans of the CLS line of Mercedes as it seems the final models of the series have been scheduled for release in 2017 and there is no word on any future development of the line. For fans of the designs, the upcoming CLS Shooting Brake and CLS Coupe will be your last chance to pick up these cars new from the Mercedes dealership before they go out of production. On the topic of out of production Mercedes, click here to find those essential engine parts replacements for your car and save possibly months that orders from the Mercedes factory can take.


It was just a year ago that we learned Mercedes was killing off the CLS Shooting Brake, but as far as we know the next-gen CLS coupe will go on sale for the 2018 model year. Be that as it may, Mercedes has decided to launch a Final Edition of the CLS Shooting Brake. Why? Well, considering the CLS Shooting Brake performed poorly in the U.S. and China sales-wise, why not try to weasel as much money as possible out of the few who liked it, right? Furthermore, now that the CLS Coupe is also getting a “Final Edition,” it makes one wonder whether or not Merc will drop the CLS line altogether. We’ll worry about that later, though.

For now, we’ll talk a little bit about this final edition. According to Mercedes (despite the poor sales factor,) the CLS line has “long been established among customers as style icons.” Ola Kӓllenius, a member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG and the person responsible for MB car sales, said, “We’ve produced iconic designs on wheels in the shape of the CLS Coupé and the CLS Shooting Brake. Continue Reading

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