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Mercedes-Benz Drops Uncontended Superstar On The Market

Mercedes has answered the age old question of how to create the perfect car for the market. This secret was to take an already successful powerhouse on the market and raise the price by $20,000 to cram it full of some of the most luxurious features possible. The Mercedes-Maybach takes everything great from the Benz S600 and turns it into the perfect chauffer car, with the most accommodating back seat design seen on the market.

While it might be hard to extend your already excellent Benz to accommodate this luxurious First Class back seat, click here and look into upgrading your interior.


It must have been a horror for Mercedes to see its position as the ultimate German luxury automobile brand challenged by BMW, Audi, and Volkswagen. Three brands that initially have, and in the case of Volkswagen still does, produce entry-level cars.

Mercedes’s board of directors must have more than a few sleepless nights over the fight between Volkswagen and BMW over the control of Rolls-Royce/Bentley (see The Bentley Bentayga: You Will Love The $160,000 Dashboard Clock Option).

When the dust settled around the British automobile icons, BMW had become the proud new owner of Rolls-Royce while Volkswagen controlled Bentley. Mercedes’s supremacy as the oldest and most regal German car manufacturer was on the line – or so it must have felt to the company’s board. Continue Reading

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