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Mercedes-Benz Miracle in Declining Market


Mercedes-Benz Sales in July Beat Trends

With the current US market looking in a grim state for luxury cars, with slow economy and increased interest in SUVs and Trucks, one would be rather surprised to hear that Mercedes is reporting growth this year with record setting sales in the month of July, and a 3.6% increase since last year.

The brand’s line of vans is also doing well, especially with the new US based factory specialized in producing them. With more Mercedes on the roads, previous owners might want to stand out, and nothing says luxury like Mercedes’ top of the line interiors.


At a time when sales of vehicles in the U.S. have been slowing and consumers are favoring trucks and SUVs over sedans, Daimler AG’s Mercedes-Benz was able to buck the trend, posting an increase in sales during the month of July.

But it wasn’t because the vehicle maker slashed the prices on its luxury vehicles or unveiled a new suite of gas-guzzling trucks and SUVs. In fact Daimler attributes it to its move to roll out three more luxury sedans in recent months.

“We are continuing to see strong momentum build into the third quarter, fueled by the recent launch of three of our dream cars,” said Dietmar Exler, president and CEO of Mercedes-Bemz USA (MBUSA) in a press release announcing the sales results for July. Continue Reading

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