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Mercedes Cars Will Not Only Park Themselves, but Will Find Parking Spaces Too


Ending the Eternal Search (for a Parking Space)

Mercedes has teamed up with Bosch to create technology where Mercedes cars will detect empty parking spaces while driving, and communicate this information to a network so that other Mercedes drivers will have live updates on parking spots saving them time and gas by removing the need to hunt for spots.

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Life is too short to lap massive parking lots looking for open spaces.

That’s why Mercedes-Benz, along with automotive supplier giant Bosch, announced last week that its cars would eventually be able to detect empty spaces and share the info with other Mercedes cars that are nearby, looking for empty spots. Testing is reportedly underway with new E-Class sedans.

According to Bloomberg, the technology could be ready as early as 2017 and would bring the automaker in line with others such as BMW that are giving drivers the option of locating—and paying for—empty parking spots. Continue Reading


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