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Mercedes New Line Prefix Revealed


Ready for Your EQ-line Mercedes Benz?

For anyone interested in the new line of electric cars by Mercedes, it seems that the auto maker has made a move for securing their brand name as they have trademarked a grand array of variants of the letter pairing EQ. It also looks like the standard naming process will be MEQ followed by a final designation letter.

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Last week, I wrote about a Bloomberg piece that suggested Mercedes-Benz is on the verge of releasing a subbrand dedicated to electric vehicles. Now, it appears there’s more evidence to back up this claim, and that comes in the form of some pretty straightforward trademarks.

The German automaker applied to trademark the EQ prefix and several slogans including “EQ inside” and “Generation MEQ,” AutoExpress reports. Its trademark application for the prefix covers a variety of potential badges, from EQA all the way down to EQX. If this were a random trademark, it would be an awfully specific random trademark, although automakers do occasionally apply for patents and trademarks on ideas that may never make it to the public. Continue Reading

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