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Mercedes Postulates: Cars Can Grow on Trees

Will Cars of the Future be Made of Wood?

While yet to have a release date, Mercedes Benz has given us a sneak peak at the Alpha, the first wooden chassis car of their line. The concept of making cars from wood might be raising many a skeptical brow, due to such things as deforestation and the material making a stand in for modern metal alloys. Perhaps this skepticism in the market is why we’re so far off from seeing this come to the market. However, Mercedes does offer some wonderful concepts with this new technology concept.

As it stands right now, trees are being genetically modified to grow faster than ever, and mixing that with centuries of tree shaping techniques, there is plenty of plausibility in growing some complex components out of wood so long as the structure is properly engineered for the stress that the genetically modified wood can handle, which is a lot more than people seem to be criticizing it for considering normal woods are already notably rigid.

Whether or not the Mercedes Alpha will come within any reasonable time span, it seems the auto-manufacturers greatest trial with this concept would be selling the concept to a market that has had iron and steel manufacturing since the Model-T, but perhaps the lighter material weight of the Alpha can contribute to an excellent gas mileage, or impressive range of travel should Mercedes go the electric route.

Nevertheless, seeing as there aren’t any wooden parts yet, if you want to start saving up for the wooden car of the future, you should look into tuning up your Mercedes Benz rather than buying or leasing a new car every couple of years. What makes getting your tune-up parts from our selection easier to save up for an awesome grown wooden car is that we offer a ten percent discount on everything that we offer.


When we imagine an automotive production line, we think of mostly metal parts being put together down an assembly line. The Mercedes-Benz Alpha concept challenges this modern manufacturing style by introducing an entirely new production method.

What if you could GROW your Mercedes?! That’s the idea behind the Alpha. It’s two-part wood frame/chassis is thoughtfully formed from the second a seedling is planted. Using age-old grafting and tree-shaping techniques, entire genetically modified, fast-growing groves could be shaped to efficiently produce the vehicle’s various components in an eco-friendly way. After harvesting the pre-shaped timber, each section can be carved to the appropriate shape to form parts of the frame.

With this technique, nature itself becomes the cleanest, most efficient manufacturer without any artificial and polluting production processes. In fact, the trees are clean air contributors while they grow. Furthermore, the final production unit’s electric power brings its total carbon footprint down to almost zero. Continue Reading


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