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Mercedes Shoots Down Their Own Self Driving Bus


Mercedes Moving Ever Faster to the Future

Mercedes has once again made some crucial clarifying statements in regards to its self driving vehicles. Despite the Mercedes Future Bus passing its first long distance trip without driver assistance, Mercedes has clarified that they do not intend to have fully self driving vehicles, not just because it is illegal, but because they want this technology to go to helping current bus drivers rather than putting them out of a job.

It seems Mercedes wants to make driving an enjoyable and relaxing experience again for their customers. With that in mind, you should click here and see about upgrading your comfort.


Mercedes-Benz wants to completely change your bus-riding experience.

In July, the auto company unveiled its vision for the aptly named Future Bus — a semiautonomous bus that successfully completed a 12-mile route that included traffic lights, tunnels, and navigating around pedestrians.

To create the Future Bus, Mercedes built upon its platform for autonomous trucks to create a system optimized for buses dubbed City Pilot. It uses camera systems, radar sensors, and GPS to navigate safely.

But even though the Future Bus has autonomous features, Mercedes does not plan on releasing a fully driverless Future Bus. Continue Reading

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