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Mercedes Teases New Ultra-Luxury Coupe


Exciting New Benz Coupe on the Horizon

The German auto maker has left us very little to go with when their twitter posted “Hot & cool — Almost 6 meters of ultimate luxury.” This quote along with a vague silhouette of a red Mercedes unlike any other is their teaser and it leaves much to be excited for in the near future.

It is likely this is the new Maybach sub-brand coming back with a vengeance. While the Maybach brings back memories of classic luxury autos, this beast seems entirely sleek and new, we’re excite to see how this beast turns out but for those into classic cars and maintaining those ancient trustworthy engines, there is little chance for this relaunch to impress the connoisseur.


“Hot & cool — Almost 6 meters of ultimate luxury.”

That’s all that Mercedes-Benz has said so far about the sleek coupe pictured above. The photo and caption popped up on Mercedes’ official Twitter account on Thursday. 

So what’s this about?

A new ultra-luxury coupe from Mercedes-Benz? 

That red coupe is almost certainly a concept car that Mercedes intends to show at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in California next weekend. Concept cars can be pure flights of fancy, or they can be close previews of upcoming production cars. This one is probably somewhere in between, likely intended to test the waters for a potential future model for Mercedes’ ultra-luxury Maybach sub-brand. Continue Reading

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