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The Mercedes Tour from Hell


Maybe You Should Avoid the Mercedes-Benz EU Delivery Program

While Mercedes-Benz may be the best in regards to the quality of their luxury cards, it seems some customer services have lost their qualities over time and are desperately in need of updates.

Rob Enderle has discussed his Mercedes tour in Germany and just how bad it was, but while there were bumps in the road of his vacation, he was saved by the quality of the new Mercedes that he took the trip with.

If you’re experiencing too many bumps in the road while driving your Mercedes, click here and consider what you can do to smooth out your ride.


I just returned from a trip to Germany with my wife to pick up our new car.  If you read the current article on this trip from a Mercedes-Benz sales person it sounds like a drive from heaven but, at least from my experience, it is the drive from hell.  

It isn’t even a great Mercedes-Benz experience, actually that is a massive understatement, it was a horrid experience.  Not only did we not have a particularly great time, you probably won’t get us on another vacation outside of the US, well, ever.   

So the trip in the article looks amazing, but that isn’t the trip we actually got at all.  At one point I literally wanted to take the car back where I picked it up and just go home. Continue Reading

image via Rob Enderle/Tech Guru Daily

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