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New Daimler Patent to Make Snowy Driving Safer Using Rainwater

Mercedes-Benz’s parent company Daimler has applied for a new patent that should make driving in the snow much safer. The design shows us a small collection unit that grabs water dripping down the back window which gets moved to a holding container. When the car detects snow, that collected water gets ran through a heating process that gets it just warm enough to melt snow. Once warm enough, the water gets sprayed directly on the tires by three nozzles.

With this system in place, your Mercedes-Benz steering should see a marked improvement in freezing weather.


A patent recently filed by Mercedes-Benz parent company Daimler sheds light on a new technology that could make driving in snowy and icy conditions much safer.

A diagram submitted with the patent illustrates an innovative system that improves traction by spraying hot water on tires in order to melt snow and ice. The water is pumped out of a small tank it’s stored in and through a heat exchanger, a process that makes it hot enough to melt snow. It’s then sprayed directly onto the spinning tire by three small nozzles integrated into the wheel well. Sensors presumably send a signal to the ECU when the tires themselves need to be de-iced.

The system is designed to collect water as it drips down the rear window — it can be either rainwater, water from a car wash, or melting snow. Drivers who live in Seattle shouldn’t need to top up the tank; those who live in Palm Springs and occasionally take a weekend trip to a ski resort, though, will likely need to fill up before they leave. Read More


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