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Hardtop Hoist for Mercedes Benz

They say there’s nothing like a convertible – but they’re wrong: There’s nothing like a Mercedes Benz hardtop convertible. If you have one, you understand. Top down, throttle open, German-engineered engine purring, the wind whipping while you, your friends and your Benz glide down the open road. (Maybe even the autobahn.) A Mercedes convertible with a hard-top is the kind of thing you want to keep in tip-top shape.

With genuine Mercedes Benz auto parts, accessories and stock from Adsit Company, you can! This is the best store online or on the planet to find quality Hardtop Hoists made exclusively for Mercedes Benz. Fully electric or manual crank, Hardtop Hoists from Adsit are ideal for those times when you’re cruising in your MB convertible, and you just gotta take the roof off.

Adsit offers complete, new (never used before) Hardtop Hoist Kits with either manual or electric power, ready to install atop your beloved Mercedes Benz convertible. Scan this webpage on for the Hard Top Hoist that fits your particular M-B model, or download our free auto parts catalog for our full inventory of Mercedes Benz parts and accessories for any model or any year back to 1960. You’ll see why we say that it doesn’t matter what part you need for your Mercedes, Adsit has it!

Adsit sells authentic, original-equipment Hardtop Hoist Kits that come with precise instructions for installation and use. The Manual Hoist Kit, with its steel crank mounts, is designed for one-person operation to easily lift and remove (or set down and replace) your convertible’s hardtop. The Electrical Hoist Kit comes with a remote-control pistol grip, letting you relax while the hoist does all the work to take the top off (or to put the top back on). Among the primary advantages of the electric version of our Hardtop Hoist Kit are the fact that it plugs into any standard electrical outlet, and no additional wiring is necessary. If you’re going to keep the top off for a while (more than a few days), Adsit offers a Hardtop Holder to keep the unit properly maintained.

The mission of Adsit Company is to provide the right Mercedes Benz auto parts at the best possible price, and that’s true for our Hardtop Hoist Kits too. If you have any questions about which Hard Top Hoist is right for your Benz, trust Adsit: The Mercedes-Benz Experts since 1979. Give us a call at 765-282-1593 or at 800-521-7656, or send email to and inquire about parts and accessories for any Mercedes Benz convertible. We are here to deliver the right parts to you, shipping M-B parts from our headquarters in Indiana, USA, to Mercedes Benz customers in the United States and around the world.

We can refine our initial statement even more: Not only is there nothing like a Mercedes Benz convertible, there’s nothing like your Mercedes Benz convertible. Take the best care of your MB droptop with new, factory-original Hardtop Hoist Kits specifically for your Mercedes.

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