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Ququq Releases Camping Box Kit for Mercedes G-Class


Glamping in Your G-Class

The company with the amazingly fun to say name Ququq has been in the market of releasing specialized boxed kits to transform vehicles into campers by cramming in all the amenities they can in reasonably sized packages to make glamping easier than it has ever been before.

Now they’ve added the G-class to the list of vehicles that they are offering their accessories for and anyone who owns one of the Benz vans might be better for it.


Back in 2013, we looked at the Ququq box, an all-in-one camper box similar to European competitors like the Qubiq and Yatoo.

We liked the simple design and pricing on the Ququq, but the list of vehicles didn’t necessarily include every model we might like to take camping, especially if our camping plans were to include off-roading.

But Ququq has been expanding its line to fit additional vehicle models, and its latest product, the G-Box, transforms the famed Mercedes G-Class into the G-Camper, a powerful force in multi-day off-road exploration. Continue Reading

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