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Ready for Blind People at the Drive Thru?

mcdonalds-loomingWhile it might seem like as dangerous an idea as one could have, Scott Magee, a blind man from Louisiana, is suing McDonald’s so he, too, can take advantage of the drive-thru windows found at the fast food chain. As some of you may have noticed before, there is a sign at every McDonald’s drive thru (as well as pretty much every other fast food restaurant’s drive thru window) that says they will only serve customers who are on a motor vehicle.

What makes this particularly scary is the fact that Magee is actually trying to get access to the drive-thru so he can get food at night time, which is when the restaurant usually closes its doors but stays open to customers via the drive-thru window. While I certainly would not want to deny someone the right to get food whenever he or she wanted (seeing as I hit up drive-thru windows at all hours of the day and night), I am frightened by the idea that I would be sharing what is technically a roadway with  pedestrians – whether or not they are blind is irrelevant.

If you’re worried about this as well, you might want to head over to our accessories area and grab some headlight lenses in the hopes that you’d be able to see a pedestrian better at night. Click here to go there now.


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