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Recalled 2016 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT S has Powertrain Issues

Mercedes-Benz has announced they are conducting a recall for 136 2016 AMG GT S sports coupes. This model from Mercedes-Benz is being recalled over problems with the powertrain, and the fix will see the AMG GT S get fitted with a carbon-fiber driveshaft.

As reported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the recall summary for the AMG GT S, “The adhesive bond between the carbon-fiber driveshaft and the rear flange may fail, [and] there may be a loss of torque to the rear wheels.” The summary continued by describing further issues that could arise, “The vehicle operator may be unable to move the vehicle, or may experience deceleration if the vehicle is in motion, increasing the risk of a vehicle crash.”

This recall is one of those events that prove yet again just how superior Mercedes-Benz is to other manufacturers. Where other car companies will not issue a recall until a substantial number of their vehicles had issues and experienced the breakdown of a specific part, the AMG GT S has only seen one incident happen to a customer last October. Even then, what the driver reported was that they heard some noises coming from underneath the car. From that, Mercedes-Benz put in the due diligence to determine the underlying cause of the noises and ended up discovering the driveshaft problem. Thankfully it is being taken care of before someone gets hurt because of a faulty part.

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