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Replica Mercedes Rims on Amazon Leads to Lawsuit

image via US District Court filing, Seattle
image via US District Court filing, Seattle

Amazon has been supporting the sale of replica Mercedes-Benz rims and Daimler isn’t having any of that. The auto manufacturer is suing Amazon for copyright infringement, which may actually end up leading to a bigger issue that determines if Amazon should be held responsible for infringements made by third-party sellers.

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Daimler AG is suing Amazon for patent and trademark infringement, alleging that the e-commerce giant illegally sold and distributed replica Mercedes-Benz wheels from a third-party manufacturer that “blatantly copy” the automotive giant’s protected designs.

The lawsuit, filed this week in U.S. District Court in Seattle, could serve as a new test of Amazon’s liability for counterfeit goods sold on its site — an issue with wide-ranging financial and legal implications for the company.

Amazon last year won a similar case against pillowcase maker Milo & Gabby, although the ruling is currently under appeal, and the trial court judge said legislators should revisit the law on which the decision was based. Continue Reading


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