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Steering Issues Lead to SLK Roadster Recall in Australia

Though it only affects 28 Mercedes-Benz SLK roadsters in all of Australia, you may want to keep your ear to the ground if you have one in the US, too. While recalls like this are usually isolated to one country, Mercedes-Benz Korea has also implemented a recall for their SLK class vehicles. Australia’s recall is due to some steering issues and the one in South Korea is due to a malfunction that keeps the rear tires’ from aligning properly.

Should Mercedes-Benz recall SLKs on this side of the Pacific for any reason be it transmission, steering or anything else, you can rest assured that we’ll be there to let you know.


Mercedes-Benz has recalled its SLK roadster this week, due to a potential steering safety issue.

The carmaker has identified a weakness with the nuts fitted to the vehicle’s tie rods on the rear axle, which may be the incorrect size.

Should this be the case, the nuts may be allowed to loosen, which could alter the steering characteristics of the vehicle.

Unpredictable steering may cause a hazard to the vehicle occupants and other road users. Continue Reading

image via themotorreport.com.au


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