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FlightCar Selling Out To Mercedes

It has yet to be revealed why FlightCar is closing down operations, or how much it is selling the technology to Mercedes-Benz for, but we do know that FlightCar raised $40 million and was backed by some real big names. The FlightCar service was intended to allow drivers who were flying out of town to rent their vehicle out while they were away, presumably to people who had flown into town.

It was a novel idea that saved money on parking, and we are excited to see what Mercedes plans to do with this technology. Although if I were to have a stranger drive my Mercedes while I was out of town I’d consider having my interior replaced.


FlightCar raised $40 million to solve airport parking with an Airbnb-like sharing model: let a stranger drive your car while you’re away on a trip and in return avoid parking fees and even make a few bucks. Travelers will have to find a new solution.

On Thursday afternoon, the San Francisco-based FlightCar will announce that, effective immediately, it is closing operations at all 12 of its airport stations around the U.S. and has sold its technology platform to Mercedes-Benz Research & Development North America, where it will become part of Mercedes’ innovation lab for mobility services.

The price Mercedes-Benz paid for the four-year-old startup is unknown at this time, but FlightCar’s last financing, a $20 million Series B in September 2015, gave it a $100 million post-money valuation according to venture capital data firm Pitchbook. Some of FlightCar’s more than 90 current employees plan to join Mercedes-Benz, including 21-year-old cofounder and CEO Rujul Zaparde. Continue Reading

Mercedes-Benz Sees Best June Ever

With over 28,000 units sold through the month of June, Mercedes-Benz USA has topped their best-ever sales figures for June. Not only that, but when the Mercedes-Benz total is added to with the company’s subsidiary brands of Mercedes-Benz vans and Smart, they actually ended up totaling 31,965 vehicles sold through June 2016. That number is a solid 2.3 percent higher than the 2015 figure and marks yet another great month for the German automaker’s American branch.

There are a few reasons that Mercedes-Benz USA believes that their sales have increased through June. The most prominent of which is that it marked the launch of the company’s E-Class vehicles.

Likewise, they launched what the Mercedes-Benz CEO Dietmar Exler has deemed as “several dream cars,” which he also believes will get Mercedes-Benz USA into excellent position for the third quarter of 2016.

Looking at the sales numbers of their best sellers through June, too, you can see exactly what Exler means. C-Class vehicles sold the most overall with 6,867 and GLEs sold 4,515 through the entirety of June. What is crazy is that the company’s E-Class cars (which includes the CLS in their report) sold 4,292 units, which might not seem all that impressive until you realize that these cars weren’t even available until the last week of June! The Mercedes-AMG line is also seeing awesome growth this year, and they sold over 1,500 of these high-performance cars through June of this year while last year only saw a bit over 1,000.

With all of this in mind, it will certainly be interesting to see how well Mercedes-Benz USA does for the rest of the summer.

Speaking of summer, if you are looking to show off your new Mercedes-Benz, you should check out our great selection of rims (which are currently on sale, too).

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