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In The Race Between Hyper Hatches, Just How Much Faster is Mercedes?

Mercedes-AMG vs Honda

Carwow hosted a recent video featuring a quarter mile drag race between the Mercedes-AMG A45 and Honda Civic Type R, both Hot Hatches with the Mercedes costing an extra third of the Honda’s entire price.

Of course the race was to see just how much faster the Mercedes was with the added features of 4 wheel drive and launch control.


We live in an era where hot hatches are divided into two different performance categories: the normal hot-hatches, which are the ones that offer all the usual traits and the so-called hyper hatches, a new breed of compact performance cars that pack so much grunt, they can easily embarrass a less skilled supercar driver at the traffic lights.


Both the Mercedes-AMG A45 and the Honda Civic Type R belong to the hot-hatch universe; but the German model is the one packing significantly more power and a bigger price tag.


The point of this drag race is not to find out which of the two models is the fastest on a straight line, Continue Reading

Shopping Tip for Automated Automobiles


Looking for a Car to Drive (Itself) Around?

In a market saturated with the fancy new technology, it’s easy to get lost in the white noise of technical terms that have very little meaning. That is why above all when shopping for new automated/self driving cars, you should look into test driving before you buy. Each manufacturer, each engineer, and each car has its own style and degree of automated support.

For drivers not yet ready to invest in the emergent automated cars, click here and invest in a smoother ride in your current ride.


Last week, two big milestones in autonomous driving slipped by almost unnoticed.

One had to do with a commercial by Mercedes-Benz for the new E-Class. The car lets you drive without holding the steering wheel or using the accelerator and brakes for short periods (but also at very high speeds). However, they decided to pull the ad to avoid any confusion with fully autonomous cars from Google and other companies.

The other big news item had to do with a Tesla statement about the accident that killed a Model S owner in Florida. The company says the automatic brakes were to blame for the accident, not the somewhat poorly named AutoPilot mode that steers, brakes, and accelerates automatically. It’s a war of semantics. Continue Reading

image via Tesla

What is 4MATIC from Mercedes-Benz?

When looking through the specs of certain Mercedes-Benz vehicles, you will often come across the term “4MATIC” and have been left wondering what that actually means. Simply put, it is a type of four-wheel drive system that was created and is used by Mercedes-Benz. They are used in AWD vehicles as a means to minimize traction loss.

If you need a 4MATIC part or a whole system, visit our parts quote page and request a custom quote.

From the Wiki entry (which describes it much better than I ever could):


4Matic (stylized as 4MATIC) is the marketing name of an AWD four-wheel drive system developed by Mercedes-Benz. It is designed to increase traction in slippery conditions. The four-wheel-drive system was developed in conjunction with Steyr-Daimler-Puch (currently Magna Steyr), who manufactured the Mercedes-Benz G-Class in Austria.

Nearly all Mercedes-Benz vehicles that feature this system are paired with an automatic transmission as the default transmission. The first design of 4Matic system was introduced in 1987 on the W124 series (E Class) saloons (four-door) and estate (station wagon) cars. It was available with the 2.6 L and 3.0 L 6-cylinder petrol (gasoline) and diesel engines.

Some newer versions of 4Matic are true AWD as the system remains active at all times.[1] Sophisticated engine management and ABS systems control the amount of torque transferred to each wheel allowing the system to be effective at any speed. Continue Reading

Recalled 2016 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT S has Powertrain Issues

Mercedes-Benz has announced they are conducting a recall for 136 2016 AMG GT S sports coupes. This model from Mercedes-Benz is being recalled over problems with the powertrain, and the fix will see the AMG GT S get fitted with a carbon-fiber driveshaft.

As reported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the recall summary for the AMG GT S, “The adhesive bond between the carbon-fiber driveshaft and the rear flange may fail, [and] there may be a loss of torque to the rear wheels.” The summary continued by describing further issues that could arise, “The vehicle operator may be unable to move the vehicle, or may experience deceleration if the vehicle is in motion, increasing the risk of a vehicle crash.”

This recall is one of those events that prove yet again just how superior Mercedes-Benz is to other manufacturers. Where other car companies will not issue a recall until a substantial number of their vehicles had issues and experienced the breakdown of a specific part, the AMG GT S has only seen one incident happen to a customer last October. Even then, what the driver reported was that they heard some noises coming from underneath the car. From that, Mercedes-Benz put in the due diligence to determine the underlying cause of the noises and ended up discovering the driveshaft problem. Thankfully it is being taken care of before someone gets hurt because of a faulty part.

If you prefer to work on your car yourself and you want to replace the driveshaft on your vehicle instead of taking it in to a mechanic, visit our Mercedes-Benz drivetrain category page and take a look through our large selection. Likewise, the sale going on right now that we’re offering on most of our products will grant you a substantial discount on the price of the drivetrain part(s) you buy.

Mercedes-Benz and Tesla Motors Ending Electric Car Parts Deals

B Class image via Mercedes-Benz

B Class image via Mercedes-Benz

Although Tesla is the king -arguably- when it comes to all things electric vehicles, Mercedes-Benz is finally going to stop getting their electric drivetrains and battery packs from the electric-centric auto builder. From here on out, Mercedes will be building their own parts in a new factory that makes their electric car production far more self-sufficient.

Interested in other Mercedes-Benz electrical parts? Check out what we have to offer.  Also, click here for Mercedes-Benz drive trains.


After seven years, Mercedes-Benz and Tesla Motors are parting ways. The German automaker will go at it alone in developing the next generation B-Class Electric Drive, its fully electric $42,000 compact five-door hatchback.

“We have had an excellent project with Tesla and have worked very well with them,” Harald Kroeger, head of electric-drive development at Mercedes-Benz parent Daimler AG, told the German magazine Wirtshafts Woche in an article published over the weekend.

But the company has invested 500 million euros ($550.5 million) in a battery and drivetrain plant and can now supply itself with the necessary components, Kroeger added. Read More

Mercedes E63 Drivetrain Heading to the AMG GLC 63

Without a powerful flagship version of the AMG in the works, Mercedes Benz apparently lost out on a number of potential sales. To remedy this problem, the auto manufacturer is using the drivetrain from the E63 in the new AMG GLC 63, which is a bit of good news as it delivers more power than the vehicle was expected to have.


As such the automaker seems willing to make up for the lost time and deliver quicker the GLC 63 version – which is now allegedly going to feature an unexpected power enhancement. That’s because while the rumor mill was mulling for the powertrain from the C63 version which would have been used unchanged, reportedly now Tobias Moers – the supreme chief of Mercedes-AMG – has actually commented during a recent interview the crossover would deploy the same powertrain as the one presented in the yet to be released 2017 E63. This means the GLC63 will trump the current rating of 469 horsepower and 479 pound-feet of torque the C63 has – and of course the GLC63 S version will consequently be more powerful than the C63 S which packs 503 hp and 516 lb-ft.

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