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With Growing Interest for Mercedes In Chinese Market, Daimler Moves To Manufacture Locally

Generation EQ, Exterieur, Studio

Generation EQ, Exterieur, Studio

Mercedes-Benz to Start Building in China

China’s been a hot topic this year for various reasons, but for Mercedes it has been the 28% increase of sales in that market just this year, with more growth expected to follow.

To maximize sales in the country though, Daimler has made the move to manufacture the components for electric cars as well as whole electric cars for the Chinese market locally.


As part of a drive to manufacture more products local. Daimler may make batteries and Mercedes-Benz electric cars in China as part of a drive to manufacture more products locally and to try to boost sales, according to board member Hubertus Troska.

Sales of the German company’s luxury cars in China have grown 28% so far this year after Mercedes spruced up its designs to give its cars a more sporty and upmarket feel, gaining traction with drivers in the world’s largest car market.

“I am confident that Mercedes in China will show a decent performance next year,” Troska, Daimler’s board member responsible for Greater China, told reporters. Continue Reading

All-Electric Mercedes-Benz SUV Coming in 2020


EQ Class SUV is a Stunner

As much as we love classic Mercedes-Benz parts and the cars they fit into, we can’t help but find ourselves more than a little excited for some of the new stuff that Mercedes has in the works.

For instance, the slick new all-electric EQ series SUV that’s going to be coming out in 2020 looks undeniably cool both inside and out and we can’t wait to give it a test run.


Believe it or not, the world’s first all-electric cars were invented nearly 200 years ago, offering quiet, easy operation for quick around-town trips (check out my in-depth examination of EVs here).

Mercedes-Benz, being the old automotive standby that it is, first got into the EV game in 1906, but like every other major automaker, eventually ditched the batteries in favor of a gas tank.

Now, with all-electric transportation once again on the rise, Mercedes has decided to double down on EV investment, and it’s looking like its new major effort will be an SUV. Packing more than 300 miles of range, oodles of luxury, the very latest autonomous tech, and a serious amount of muscle, Merc’s new upcoming model looks to dominate a segment that’s only now starting to emerge.Continue Reading

The Most Expensive Mercedes


Mercedes-Maybach Convertible Tops Price for a Mercedes

Mercedes has dropped a bombshell with the Mercedes-Maybach S650 Cabriolet which is going to cost about 300,000 euros (About $320,000 USD) making it the most expensive Mercedes on the lineup by quite a large margin.

The new S650 is a souped up version of their previous S65 AMG Cabriolet, but the S650 rebuilds the previous model with fine wood, chrome, 621 HP V12 Engine and a whole array of luxury features that makes it worth the hefty price.

Mercedes is taking on the likes of Bentley with a long, sparkly convertible unveiled at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

The Mercedes-Maybach S650 Cabriolet is a very exclusive upgraded version of the already-expensive Mercedes S-class Cabriolet. Only 300 of these cars will be made, and they’ll feature lots of gorgeous inlaid wood trim and a loads of extra chrome.

Mercedes hasn’t yet said how much the S650 Cabriolet will cost in the U.S. In Europe, it will run 300,000 euros, which is roughly equivalent to $320,000.

The only Mercedes that’s nearly that expensive is the closely-related Mercedes-Benz (DDAIF) S65 AMG Cabriolet, which lists at $250,000. Continue Reading

Will Self-driving Cars Like the Mercedes-Benz F-015 be Fun to Drive?


Will Autonomy Take the Fun Out of Driving? For Some, Yes.

As much as we (obviously) love Mercedes-Benz around here, and seeing as we also love to drive our cars, we often think about how much fun self-driving vehicles like the F-015 will actually be. After getting to experience autonomous vehicles and way too much daydreaming about the days we can have one parked in our own garage, we can identify three kinds of people and how they will react to these inevitable autos.

First, there are more than a handful of people out there who just absolutely hate driving. Period. Different strokes for different folks, I guess, so it’s understandable that not everyone is going to take as much joy in pulling off a perfect parallel parking move as we might. Still, these are the people that autonomous driving is really designed for. By not having to pay attention to the road while they drive to and fro their various destinations, their presence on the road should also mean safer roads in general by helping to cut down on a significant amount of road rage and distracted drivers.

Second, and this is easily the category that we fall into, are the people who get real enjoyment out of being in control of their cars. For them (us), being driven around in an autonomous wheeled robot sounds like the antithesis of a good time. Accelerating and cornering are a blast for this group of people and having a machine handle all of that just sounds boring once you get over the novelty of having your car chauffeur you around for a day or two.

The third group of people are those who are going to get the most out of a self-driving car. These are the folks who don’t feel like they have enough time to read (or take in some other relatively inactive activity like use Facebook, play games on a tablet or whatever else) and can truly capitalize on the freedom given to them during those few moments during a daily commute. These people should already be head over heels for the idea of autonomy in vehicles as they’ll likely be able to go from reading one book a month to several.

Wherever you fall into this group, though, it is almost a given that commercially available autonomous cars will be making their way onto roads quicker than you might imagine. Now (for this writer at least), here’s hoping that we can swap out the rims on these cars for something a little more conventional and attractive, right?

Planning A Road Trip?

Here are a few things you need:

  • Some sweet jams
  • Run Flat Tires
  • Smart Phone With GPS
  • Snacks
  • A Travel Buddy (dogs work- sorry no cats)
  • A Sense Of Humor. No Road Trip Ever Goes According To Plan

Why Is Everyone Loving Tesla And Can Mercedes Compete?


Tesla’s Reputation is Hard to Beat

Tesla has been the focus of a lot of love coming from every source of car media, from social media to old established car magazines. It seems that everybody loves the new all electric focused upstart that has revitalized public interests, but why now and why Tesla?

Tesla dropped a bombshell on the auto industry when they released their functioning electric models, and they’ve had their name become synonymous with electric cars, which is the place to be now that everyone and their mother is becoming more and more interested in being eco friendly in every way that they can.

The electric motor has been around for a long time now, and it has been experimented with cars long before Tesla started building their first car. The problems came in the fact that we lacked the infrastructure to properly refuel these cars on any long distance trips and efficient batteries that could give these cars enough range to be practical in any sense. Tesla has capitalized at a time where batteries have been revolutionized by mobile phone producers and everyone is ready to throw money out to get recharge spots around towns so that these all electric vehicles can have their own form of gas station.

So what’s holding Mercedes back, and can they catch up? Well, Mercedes has already been on the charge for setting up brand new factories to produce their all electric cars set to be released between 2017 and 2024, with new all electric future car designs being dropped almost every week. Mercedes has already started catch up, but they’re also being held back by their mainstay internal combustion engine cars.

They still have a ludicrous amount of infrastructure invested into building gas and diesel models, and they recognize that not all of their customers may want an electric model. The fact that Mercedes has to divide their attention between two entirely different motors is going to cost them a lot of money to stay competitive with both. But if any company is going to have the assets and experience to modernize to the new electric craze it would be good old Mercedes-Benz. Plus, does Tesla have any chances to get sweet new rims for free?

Mercedes EQ Branding Mouthful


Maybe it’s Time for a New Benz Naming Convention

Some Mercedes-Benz cars are known to have notoriously long names, but they might be left in the dust in the near future with the EQ sub-brand adding yet another prefix before the model name. Soon enough we expect the Mercedes electric supercar to be prefaced with Mercedes-Benz AMG EQ and then finally the name of the car. 

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The Mercedes-Benz hypercar currently in development could face a branding conundrum as the German automaker continues to add sub-brands.

It will wear the three-pointed star, making it a Mercedes-Benz. And it is being developed by AMG, the performance sub-brand. And it will share the Formula 1 hybrid powertrain, making it eligible to be part of the new EQ sub-brand that will denote electric vehicles.

Daimler used the Paris Motor Show to confirm work is underway on the hypercar and also to launch the new EQ brand. Executives aren’t worried about a potentially lengthy moniker, which could include “Mercedes-Benz AMG EQ” and then the name of the supercar. Continue Reading

Mercedes B-Class Electric Cuts Cost to True Bargain


Mercedes-Benz Electric Cars More Affordable than Ever

The Mercedes B-Class has gone under the radar of most car connoisseurs but it certainly deserves more attention than it has gotten. It entered the market undercutting the similar model from BMW, the i3, and now it cuts the cost by another $2,000 to become a real bargain as far as luxury electrical cars are concerned.

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You may not have heard of it, but Mercedes-Benz currently produces an electric vehicle, the B-Class Electric Drive. It exists as a competitor to BMW’s i3, and it’s shaped more like a crossover than a car. Now, it’s even cheaper, undercutting the competition by a few thousand bucks.

The B-Class Electric Drive just dropped to $39,900. Previously, it came in at $41,450, just under the BMW i3’s starting price of $42,400. (These figures don’t account for federal or local incentives.) It’s nowhere near as popular as the i3, but this price drop could attract attention from folks interested in something a bit fancier than a Nissan Leaf. Continue Reading

Mercedes-Benz Urban eTruck Unveiled Before Paris Auto Show


Mercedes Delves Deeper into Electric Service Vehicles with eTruck

While we were all expecting a bit of a lull in the releases and demos while time crept up on the Paris Auto Show, Mercedes is still at it in full force, this time releasing their eTruck which is intended for commercial purposes in the near future where combustion engines may be banned due to emissions.

It seems everything is going Electric at Mercedes as nearly every new model Mercedes has shown off this year is focusing on a gasless future.


Before the Paris Auto Show opens its doors, Mercedes-Benz has unveiled its innovative Urban eTruck.

Powered solely by electricity, the Urban eTruck provides a glimpse forward into the future of the truck industry, particularly in large cities where vehicles with internal combustion engines may soon be banned or heavily restricted.

Power for the eTruck comes courtesy of one high-speed asynchronous three-phase electric motor on each side. All up, the two motors deliver 250 kW (339 hp) and more importantly, 1000 Nm (737 lb-ft) of torque. The battery packs takes the form of three individual lithium-ion modules combining for a total capacity of 212 kWh. Continue Reading

Leaked Information States Mercedes Push for Electric Larger Than Predicted


Mercedes-Benz Truly Interested in an Electric Future

It’s been no secret that Mercedes has been pushing into the electrical market, but new information from Automobilwoch has announced that the 4 already known electric models from Mercedes are just the start of it, and that Mercedes plans on pumping out at least 6 different models by 2018.

While the savings of electric cars is an alluring siren for gas gouged drivers, there is always the option to tune up your engine and exhaust for more efficient use of your gas.


Mercedes-Benz parent Daimler is working on at least six new electric vehicles, as part of a big push to fight back against Tesla Motors and keep pace with Mercedes’ German luxury rivals, according to a new report.

Mercedes’s push into electric cars is bigger than previously reported

Citing unnamed industry sources, German automotive trade publication Automobilwoche reported on Saturday that “more than six” new battery-electric Mercedes-Benz models are planned, including SUVs and crossovers, sedans, and compact cars. 

There may be additional long-range compact electric cars under development for Daimler’s Smart brand, the report said. The new battery-operated Mercedes-Benz are expected to come to market starting in 2018. Continue Reading

Mercedes New Line Prefix Revealed


Ready for Your EQ-line Mercedes Benz?

For anyone interested in the new line of electric cars by Mercedes, it seems that the auto maker has made a move for securing their brand name as they have trademarked a grand array of variants of the letter pairing EQ. It also looks like the standard naming process will be MEQ followed by a final designation letter.

For those of use still settled on the roar of a gas engine, click here for all of your Mercedes engine needs.


Last week, I wrote about a Bloomberg piece that suggested Mercedes-Benz is on the verge of releasing a subbrand dedicated to electric vehicles. Now, it appears there’s more evidence to back up this claim, and that comes in the form of some pretty straightforward trademarks.

The German automaker applied to trademark the EQ prefix and several slogans including “EQ inside” and “Generation MEQ,” AutoExpress reports. Its trademark application for the prefix covers a variety of potential badges, from EQA all the way down to EQX. If this were a random trademark, it would be an awfully specific random trademark, although automakers do occasionally apply for patents and trademarks on ideas that may never make it to the public. Continue Reading

Mercedes’ Counter Attack on Tesla


Can Mercedes Beat Tesla at Electric?

There has been quite a big fuss recently with the downturned market for luxury sedans and the huge growth rate of electric cars and their popularity. Tesla made it a point to show off these statistics to their investors.

It seems Mercedes has taken up these numbers and has 4 consumer electric automobiles in the works which will come as early as late 2017.

While it is expected that Tesla will have superior electronic interfaces, Mercedes style of electric car will no doubt feature unbeatable luxury interiors.


Tesla Motors (NASDAQ:TSLA) loves to point out that sales of its Model S rose sharply last year while other luxury brands’ big sedans lost ground. It went so far as to include this chart in its fourth-quarter report to shareholders in February:

Needless to say, executives at the German luxury automakers don’t feel the same love for Tesla’s chart. In fact, they’re steamed: More and more reports (like this one in Automobile Magazine, in which a Porsche product manager slams Tesla’s Model S) suggest that BMW (NASDAQOTH:BAMXF), Audi, Porsche, and Daimler‘s (NASDAQOTH:DDAIF) Mercedes-Benz unit aren’t just gearing up to launch more electric cars. They’re out to make Tesla look like amateurs. Continue Reading

Mercedes Unveils Plans for Unique Electric Line


Mercedes Benz’s New Concept Electric Cars

The German auto-maker has finally revealed its plans for a new line of Mercedes-Benz cars that feature entirely new and unique models for their electric cars. Previously Mercedes has been refitting old models with electric engines, so this is a wonderful new change of style that comes with a 310 mile drive range.

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Bloomberg reports that Mercedes is working on its own lineup of electric vehicles to take on BMW and Tesla, and the German automaker will introduce a sub-brand to market them under.

Mercedes is currently developing two electric SUVs and two sedans and at least one of those vehicles will debut at this year’s Paris Motor Show. Previously, Mercedes CEO Dieter Zetsche confirmed that an electric car would be unveiled in late September in Paris.

Up until now, Mercedes has outfitted existing models with electrified powertrains, unlike what BMW did with its i sub-brand, which is comprised of two entirely new models separate from the rest of the lineup. Continue Reading

Mercedes Beats Tesla to First Electric Semi-Truck

Race to Electric Truck Rigs is Over

Mercedes breaks out the upset of the century as they whip out the world’s first fully electric semi-truck just a week after the Tesla press conference in which they announced that they were working on a similar project. This upset is sure to be a major blow on Tesla’s reputation as the go-to high end E-car manufacturer as Mercedes encroaches further into the smaller companies market.

And in a world more concerned than ever about carbon footprints and the nature of pollution, it makes sense that the auto industry titan moves in to become the dominate force of the E-car market.

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Daimler isn’t about to let Tesla own any more ‘firsts’ in electric transportation; the German company revealed the Mercedes-Benz Urban eTruck today in Stuttgart, an all-electric truck with a total admissible weight capacity of 26 tonnes (29 U.S. tons), which makes it the first clean energy big rig of its kind.

As the name implies, it’s designed for use in urban environments, capping off the short-sprint end of the heavy transport shipping cycle. That’s in part due to its max range of 200 kilometres (about 124 miles). The prototype Urban eTruck is ready for its close-up, but Daimler notes that we’ll have to wait until a “conceivable” launch window of “the beginning of the next decade” for wide-scale production and real-world use. Continue Reading

Concern for Tesla as Mercedes-Benz Announces Electric Vehicle

Tesla’s Model S has been one of the most beautiful options available for electric cars, and has flourished as a business due to a lack of competent competition. That will change coming 2018, the proposed release date for the new Mercedes Electric Vehicle, which claims to be capable of running 300 miles on a single charge of the battery while still being within the same price bracket of the Tesla S model. This is bad news as the popular sports car brand name could give Mercedes a heavy advantage in the competitive market.

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Tesla makes the hottest electric vehicles in town, but that’s only because Tesla is the only carmaker that’s been serious about electric cars for any decent amount of time. But as Tesla tries to figure out how to manufacture and deliver its cheapest electric vehicle yet on time, Tesla’s competitors are readying plans to make their own electric cars. Among them is none other than Mercedes-Benz, a former Tesla shareholder, which will manufacture a Tesla Model S killer by 2018.

This isn’t a rumor anymore, as the German company confirmed it’s working on such a car, offering expected range, price and launch details for the vehicle. Even better, the car will be on display at this year’s Paris car show.

The all-new Mercedes-Benz EV sedan will make an appearance in Paris in late September. The car is going to cost around $200,000 in 2018 when it’ll be released, and it promises to offer 300 miles (500km) of range on a single charge. Continue Reading

Mercedes Unveils the New Benz Golf Cart

This sleek and street legal golf car can go an impressive 20mph and 50 miles on a single charge of the battery. It includes all the features a gold enthusiast could want in a golf cart, from an under the seat refrigerator to keep your beverages chill on hot summer expeditions to a built in touchpad which monitors the vehicles status and can be Bluetooth linked to your Smartphone to stream music anywhere you play.

While we’re talking about excellent accessories, stock up for your current Mercedes as this golf cart won’t be on the market until next year.


Making its public debut at Royal Troon’s Spectator Village, the so-called “real sports car” is the result of a partnership between the Mercedes-Benz Style label and golf cart manufacturer Garia, which solicited the public to submit design ideas for the “golf cart of the future” back in 2013.

The prototype on display this week is a golf-cart (and car) aficionado’s dream. A small spoiler on the vehicle’s rear doubles as a golf bag holder, where the bags are secured at an angle to make club selection and replacement a breeze.  Continue Reading

Mercedes-Benz and Tesla Motors Ending Electric Car Parts Deals

B Class image via Mercedes-Benz

B Class image via Mercedes-Benz

Although Tesla is the king -arguably- when it comes to all things electric vehicles, Mercedes-Benz is finally going to stop getting their electric drivetrains and battery packs from the electric-centric auto builder. From here on out, Mercedes will be building their own parts in a new factory that makes their electric car production far more self-sufficient.

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After seven years, Mercedes-Benz and Tesla Motors are parting ways. The German automaker will go at it alone in developing the next generation B-Class Electric Drive, its fully electric $42,000 compact five-door hatchback.

“We have had an excellent project with Tesla and have worked very well with them,” Harald Kroeger, head of electric-drive development at Mercedes-Benz parent Daimler AG, told the German magazine Wirtshafts Woche in an article published over the weekend.

But the company has invested 500 million euros ($550.5 million) in a battery and drivetrain plant and can now supply itself with the necessary components, Kroeger added. Read More

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