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With Growing Interest for Mercedes In Chinese Market, Daimler Moves To Manufacture Locally

Generation EQ, Exterieur, Studio

Generation EQ, Exterieur, Studio

Mercedes-Benz to Start Building in China

China’s been a hot topic this year for various reasons, but for Mercedes it has been the 28% increase of sales in that market just this year, with more growth expected to follow.

To maximize sales in the country though, Daimler has made the move to manufacture the components for electric cars as well as whole electric cars for the Chinese market locally.


As part of a drive to manufacture more products local. Daimler may make batteries and Mercedes-Benz electric cars in China as part of a drive to manufacture more products locally and to try to boost sales, according to board member Hubertus Troska.

Sales of the German company’s luxury cars in China have grown 28% so far this year after Mercedes spruced up its designs to give its cars a more sporty and upmarket feel, gaining traction with drivers in the world’s largest car market.

“I am confident that Mercedes in China will show a decent performance next year,” Troska, Daimler’s board member responsible for Greater China, told reporters. Continue Reading

Generation EQ Makes Appearance at Paris Auto Show


Mercedes-Benz Generation EQ

Mercedes has revealed their show car, the Generation EQ, and it is an absolutely beautiful electric crossover SUV. Intended to have a range of 500 kilometers running off of two entirely electric motors, the Generation EQ looks like a dangerous foe for Tesla. Click here for your Mercedes electrical needs.

German luxury giant Mercedes-Benz unveiled a concept version of its first premium battery-electric vehicle in Paris this past week.


The “Generation EQ” is a battery-electric crossover SUV with two electric motors and a claimed range of “up to 500 kilometers.” Officially, for now, it’s a show car — but Mercedes confirmed that it’s “close” to a vehicle it intends to bring to market in the near future.

A futuristic take on Mercedes’ current styling

On the outside, the Generation EQ is Mercedes’ take on “an avant-garde, contemporary and distinctive electro-look,” according to design chief Gorden Wagener. The most striking design element is the blue lighting in its nose, which is incorporated in the vehicle’s interior as well. Continue Reading

Mercedes Recalls 62 2016 Cars


Mercedes-Benz 2016 Line Sees a Ton of Recalls

Mercedes-Benz USA has sent out a recall as of September 15th on a variety of 2016 Mercedes vehicles belonging in general to their SUBVs as well as the C300 Sedan, all of which suffer a problem with their ESP control unit which Mercedes wishes to immediately rectify.

And as Mercedes drivers, we should understand safety is the number one concern and make sure to update our Mercedes electronic aids safely before any failures happen.


Mercedes-Benz USA is recalling vehicles to fix a faulty Electronic Stability Program (ESP) control unit.

The automaker is recalling 62 vehicles of model year 2016 GLC 300 SUV, GLC 300 4Matic SUV, C300 Sedan and C300 4Matic vehicles manufactured February 8, 2016, to May 18, 2016.

The recalled vehicles may be equipped with an ESP control unit that may have been damaged before being installed, which may result in unintentionally activate the stability control altering the vehicle’s path, thus increasing the risk of a crash. Continue Reading

Mercedes’ Counter Attack on Tesla


Can Mercedes Beat Tesla at Electric?

There has been quite a big fuss recently with the downturned market for luxury sedans and the huge growth rate of electric cars and their popularity. Tesla made it a point to show off these statistics to their investors.

It seems Mercedes has taken up these numbers and has 4 consumer electric automobiles in the works which will come as early as late 2017.

While it is expected that Tesla will have superior electronic interfaces, Mercedes style of electric car will no doubt feature unbeatable luxury interiors.


Tesla Motors (NASDAQ:TSLA) loves to point out that sales of its Model S rose sharply last year while other luxury brands’ big sedans lost ground. It went so far as to include this chart in its fourth-quarter report to shareholders in February:

Needless to say, executives at the German luxury automakers don’t feel the same love for Tesla’s chart. In fact, they’re steamed: More and more reports (like this one in Automobile Magazine, in which a Porsche product manager slams Tesla’s Model S) suggest that BMW (NASDAQOTH:BAMXF), Audi, Porsche, and Daimler‘s (NASDAQOTH:DDAIF) Mercedes-Benz unit aren’t just gearing up to launch more electric cars. They’re out to make Tesla look like amateurs. Continue Reading

Mercedes Unveils Plans for Unique Electric Line


Mercedes Benz’s New Concept Electric Cars

The German auto-maker has finally revealed its plans for a new line of Mercedes-Benz cars that feature entirely new and unique models for their electric cars. Previously Mercedes has been refitting old models with electric engines, so this is a wonderful new change of style that comes with a 310 mile drive range.

Click here for all of your electrical needs for your Mercedes-Benz.


Bloomberg reports that Mercedes is working on its own lineup of electric vehicles to take on BMW and Tesla, and the German automaker will introduce a sub-brand to market them under.

Mercedes is currently developing two electric SUVs and two sedans and at least one of those vehicles will debut at this year’s Paris Motor Show. Previously, Mercedes CEO Dieter Zetsche confirmed that an electric car would be unveiled in late September in Paris.

Up until now, Mercedes has outfitted existing models with electrified powertrains, unlike what BMW did with its i sub-brand, which is comprised of two entirely new models separate from the rest of the lineup. Continue Reading

Own a Reliable Benz for Under $3000


Mercedes Benz Ownership Doesn’t Have to be Expensive

Freddy Hernandez proves it doesn’t take a fortune to own a Mercedes S-class, but just a little mechanical and market know-how. It’s unfathomable to many to drive a luxury car on the regular as a day to day car to get you around to where you need to be, but Freddy proves it’s possible with a 16 year old S-class that he got for $3000 and has piled on 20,000 miles on since his purchase a few years back.

His secret is in the Mercedes Benz S500 which has a plethora of amazing features making it an excellent luxury car, but due to one easily fixable problem the car has plummeted in price over the years to be a ludicrously affordable car that will give a Civic a run for its money in almost every single category you could put the two in.

The only reason it matches the average aftermarket Civic in price is due to a critical fault that can cause the entire car to become water damaged in some ways you’d never heard of in modern cars. But this fault can be fixed by following simple online guides, and every other issue can be solved by buying replacement parts by clicking here and reading up on maintaining your Mercedes model.


Whenever I see a 1998 Acura Integra with a cursive decal on the front window saying “Daily Driven,” my reaction is a curt “Yeah, no shit.” However, if you own a heavily depreciated and insanely complex luxury car like I do, the prospect of driving it daily on a shoestring budget becomes exponentially more interesting, if only to outline how many things have gone wrong over the years.

For the last two years, I’ve owned a 2000 Mercedes-Benz S500. When it was new and Y2K was deemed a legitimate threat for people who didn’t understand how computers worked, it cost more than $100,000 in today’s money. It had more than 200 patents filed in its development, had a fiber optic audio system, double-paned windows, massaging seats, and it served as the flagship for the Mercedes-Benz brand, taking over the mantle of the tank-like W140 chassis.

Fourteen short years after its build date, I purchased it for a miserly sum of $3000. Continue Reading

image via Jalopnik

Mercedes Issues Recall of 2015 SLK-Class Cars

Due to factory error, the 2015 SLK300, SLK350, SL400, SL550 and SL63 AMG have all been recalled for repairs to realign headlights. While the issue may not be immediately obvious, the factory error may have placed many Mercedes-Benz headlights out of align enough so that they no longer comply with safety regulations. Fortunately this recall effects a relatively small number of cars in the US, but while we’re on the topic of headlight safety, click here to find any lighting element replacements that could keep you safe on the road.


Mercedes-Benz has launched a repair program for the 2015 SLK300, SLK350, SL400, SL550 and SL63 AMG to re-aim the headlights.

The low beams may have been incorrectly aimed from the factory, due to a deviation in the alignment of the headlight calibrator used in the production process. On certain vehicles the lights may fail to meet the tolerance range specified in federal safety guidelines.

[Daimler AG] believes that there is no effect on vehicle safety,” the company notes in its recall document. “A reduced range of the headlight is recognizable to the driver and can be managed by adjusted driving until the beam can be re-adjusted at an authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer.”
Continue Reading

image from Kelly Blue Book

Concern for Tesla as Mercedes-Benz Announces Electric Vehicle

Tesla’s Model S has been one of the most beautiful options available for electric cars, and has flourished as a business due to a lack of competent competition. That will change coming 2018, the proposed release date for the new Mercedes Electric Vehicle, which claims to be capable of running 300 miles on a single charge of the battery while still being within the same price bracket of the Tesla S model. This is bad news as the popular sports car brand name could give Mercedes a heavy advantage in the competitive market.

And while we wait for the new Electric Benz to come, click here for replacement of electrical Mercedes parts.


Tesla makes the hottest electric vehicles in town, but that’s only because Tesla is the only carmaker that’s been serious about electric cars for any decent amount of time. But as Tesla tries to figure out how to manufacture and deliver its cheapest electric vehicle yet on time, Tesla’s competitors are readying plans to make their own electric cars. Among them is none other than Mercedes-Benz, a former Tesla shareholder, which will manufacture a Tesla Model S killer by 2018.

This isn’t a rumor anymore, as the German company confirmed it’s working on such a car, offering expected range, price and launch details for the vehicle. Even better, the car will be on display at this year’s Paris car show.

The all-new Mercedes-Benz EV sedan will make an appearance in Paris in late September. The car is going to cost around $200,000 in 2018 when it’ll be released, and it promises to offer 300 miles (500km) of range on a single charge. Continue Reading

New Hybrid Semi an Efficient Alternative

image via Nikola Motor Company

image via Nikola Motor Company

With a 1,200 mile range between gas stops, it looks like a new hybrid semi manufacturer, Nikola Motor Company, is carving a name for itself in the energy-efficient vehicles market with some very impressive engineering behind it.The company is named after the same inventor that the car manufacturer Tesla was named for (Nikola Tesla) and should have a lot of interesting engine and electrical parts.


Tesla is getting into trucking. At least his first name is.

The Nikola Motor Company, a Utah-based startup, has unveiled a compressed natural gas-electric hybrid semi aimed at disrupting the long-haul trucking industry the way the Tesla Model S did the car business.

The company is run by Trevor Milton, a former executive at dHybrid Systems, which developed a CNG system for tractor-trailers that’s now owned by Worthington Industries. Along with Faraday Future, Nikola is the latest automotive outfit named after an electrical pioneer to seemingly appear from the ether.

Mercedes Benz Electrical Issues Easy Solutions

If you are looking to fix some electrical problems with your Mercedes Benz yourself, the video below from Mercedessource is an excellent primer in the task. It is also a great video to simply learn more about working with car electronics in general, especially for those of you who are trying to work on classic models.


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