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Mercedes Cars Will Not Only Park Themselves, but Will Find Parking Spaces Too


Ending the Eternal Search (for a Parking Space)

Mercedes has teamed up with Bosch to create technology where Mercedes cars will detect empty parking spaces while driving, and communicate this information to a network so that other Mercedes drivers will have live updates on parking spots saving them time and gas by removing the need to hunt for spots.

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Life is too short to lap massive parking lots looking for open spaces.

That’s why Mercedes-Benz, along with automotive supplier giant Bosch, announced last week that its cars would eventually be able to detect empty spaces and share the info with other Mercedes cars that are nearby, looking for empty spots. Testing is reportedly underway with new E-Class sedans.

According to Bloomberg, the technology could be ready as early as 2017 and would bring the automaker in line with others such as BMW that are giving drivers the option of locating—and paying for—empty parking spots. Continue Reading

Mercedes to Cut 15% of Factory Staff in Brazil


Mercedes Benz Starts Downsizing in Brazil

The Brazilian based factory in Sao Bernando do Campo which primarily focuses on manufacturing of trucks and busses has experienced extreme losses of profits during the declining market state of brazil leading to the current offering of the equivalent of $31,000USD to sign up for the voluntary layoff of 1,400 individuals.

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SÃO PAULO — Mercedes-Benz, a unit of Daimler AG, kicked off a voluntary layoff program to cut a total of 1,400 jobs in Brazil, amid reduced sales of trucks and buses.

The company, which has four units across Brazil, said that the layoff program will take place at its unit in São Bernardo do Campo in São Paulo state, where there is a total of around 9,000 employees. This reduction represents about 15.5% of that unit’s workforce.

The layoffs will take place until Aug. 31 and the company will offer a one-time payment of 100,000 reais ($31,000) per employee registered in the program, regardless of seniority and age, Mercedes said in a statement. Continue Reading

Mercedes-Benz Concept for 2030 Le Mans Prints Its Own Tires


Awesome Mercedes Le Mans Concept

While the vehicle is simply just a design and we have yet to see such propositions in action, the Benz for 2030 Le Mans features some exotic features including the ability to custom print its tires to suit the surfaces it is driving on. The silver arrow is also capable of compressing air while driving, which it uses as its fuel source.

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At first, it looks like it has absolutely zero in common with the Mercedes-Benz design language. That’s because the LMP cars usually have to play by the rules of aerodynamics, so they end up looking more or less the same, regardless of their manufacturer. However, since his proposal won’t actually have to take part in a race, he had a lot more freedom of expression, so he managed to squeeze in a few details seen on recent Mercedes-Benz concepts.

Take the “headlights,” for example. If they look familiar, it’s because this styling has been used on cars such as the F015 Luxury in Motion or, more recently, on the IAA Concept Car. Apart from that, though, take the three-pointed star away and this car could present itself with any other badge out there, no questions asked. Continue Reading

image via Martin Chatelier

Diesel-Gate Delays Mercedes Diesel models


New Diesel Benz Models Delayed

Due to the huge scandal involving Volkswagen cheating regulations for emissions, Mercedes Benz Diesel models will be delayed by a year before finally hitting the market sometimes in the middle of next year. It’s not just bad news for these two manufacturers, but for all of Europe’s auto manufacturers.

Volkswagen slipping their diesels past emissions testing has been a hard hit for themselves as well as their peers. The good news is that because of this scandal, the consumer eventually wins in the end as we will be brought better standards for our wait.

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Dieselgate was Volkswagen’s mess, but that mess has spread to other automakers. Thanks to the resulting industry scrutiny, Mercedes-Benz has to delay the arrival of its C-Class diesel and other oil-burning luxury vehicles. What was supposed to arrive this year will now be here next year…hopefully.

While it should have landed at dealerships in the first quarter of this year, the Mercedes-Benz C300d will eventually make its way to the showroom sometime in 2017, Automotive News reports. The diesel variant of its new GLC-Class crossover will also be delayed.

There’s no firm release date for either. Mercedes-Benz didn’t immediately reply to our request for comment, but it did tell Automotive News that the C300d won’t show up until around mid-year, but that’s only an estimate. Currently, it’s selling just one diesel model — the GLE300d, formerly known as the M-Class. Continue Reading

image via Wayne Cunningham/CNET

Mercedes-Benz Set to Compete With Pokémon Go

Many of the first well thought out reviews about Mercedes Benz Hydrogen cars are finally coming out. And as the company offered good deals for workers interested in purchasing the car, our first opinions are coming a lot from people who had a hand in developing the vehicle, and the news is grim.

To put a long story short, the driving range on a single tank of hydrogen is impractically short for many people who have any length of commute, and the rarity of hydrogen refueling stations often forces Hydrogen vehicle drivers to go way off course just to try and make it to the destination. As the time has yet to come for upgrade to hydrogen fuel cells, click here to find parts for your fuel system which will help your Mercedes to be more efficient.


Here at CleanTechnica we’ve long taken a somewhat skeptical view of hydrogen-fuel-cell vehicles. For the most part, such vehicles have never seemed to make any kind of sense economically or practically (for general use, not niche use) when the numbers are looked into.

That’s all well and good, but the truth is that numbers simply don’t convince most people. Experiences do. With that in mind, one of the first adopters of the Mercedes-Benz B-Class F-Cell — a small hydrogen fuel-cell hatchback sold in Germany — recently recounted his experiences with the vehicle over the last few years.

Notably, the driver in question, David Wenger, was actually the head of a 19-person firm that was involved in the development of the model’s powertrain — so his thoughts on the vehicle are probably particularly worth considering. Read More

Oil Prices in the Face of Norwegian Strike

Due to a strike from the workers of the largest oil producer in northern Europe in Norway, that region of the world should expect a rise in oil prices. Alongside the recent Brexit vote, the economy of Europe and the cost of fuel right now are shaky at best if not a complete mess. If planning to visit the EU any time soon for a luxury Mercedes-Benz drive through multiple countries, it could be far more expensive than originally planned.

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Oil prices rose on Tuesday as a looming strike in Norway threatened to cut output in western Europe’s biggest producer, although Britain’s vote to leave the European Union was still weighing on markets.

About 755 Norwegian workers on seven oil and gas fields could go on strike from Saturday, hitting output from the North Sea’s top producer, if a new wage deal is not agreed before a Friday deadline.

A final round of mandatory talks will be hosted by a state mediator on June 30 and July 1 in an effort to avoid disruption that could start the following day. Continue Reading

Price of Oil Moving Up Again

oil-pumpjackOil prices just went higher than they have at any point over the last six months. This increase in price is happening because of an oil shortage across the globe – or at least that’s how Goldman Sachs is reporting it. In any case, the price of oil will, as usual in situations like this, fluctuate with gains and losses for a few days before becoming relatively steady.

Seeing as we don’t know when the next huge oil/gas price increase will be, you might want to do what you can to make sure your vehicle is as efficient as possible. Head over to our Mercedes-Benz fuel page to browse and buy control units, fuel pressure regulators, pumps, tanks and more.


Oil prices hit six-month highs on Monday on worries about global supply outages and as long-time bear Goldman Sachs sounded more positive on the market, although a stockpile build at the U.S. storage hub for crude futures pared gains.

Expectations of resumption in oil exports from a Libyan port, a ramp up in Nigerian crude production by Exxon Mobil Corp and an improved oil-for-loans deal reached by Venezuela with China furthered the tempered the bullish theme in oil.

U.S. crude futures settled up $1.51 at $47.72 a barrel, at their highest since Nov. 3, when they closed at $47.90.

Brent crude futures were trading at $48.99 per barrel, up $1.13, or 2.36 percent.

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