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Mercedes E-Class Protects In Case Of Nessie Attack


Cute Commercial Makes a Serious Point

Mercedes has posted some new adverts featuring a family watching for the mythical beast at Loch Ness. While the beast does not show up, the commercial explains the new safety features which activate upon detecting an oncoming crash which will protect the passengers from harm by moving them away from the impact zone.

So while your car might be totaled, you’ll live on to repair your car and drive again.


If you’re on the hunt for the Loch Ness monster, Mercedes-Benz has your back. More specifically, the Stuttgart company’s 2017 E-Class sedan and station wagon can protect your sides and your ears, should Nessie decide to charge or if the E-Class Pre-Safe features detect an imminent collision, according to Daimler.

New television commercials that Mercedes will also present on social media channels show a father and son parked by Loch Ness in Scotland, waiting for the fabled monster to appear.

While they wait, the boy watches intently from the backseat eating a sandwich while his dad nods off. The scene then switches to a disembodied, echoing voice explaining one of two new Mercedes safety features: Pre-Safe Sound and Pre-Safe Impulse Side. Continue Reading

Cars and Fine Art Mingle for The Portrait of the American Ice Cream Man

While not the kind of canvas that you would expect in fine art museums, Mercedes offered up a small Sprinter Van to artist Gregory Siff who proceeded to hand paint ice cream advertisements all over the surface of the vehicle to give it a lovingly rendered small business ice cream truck look. Every white inch of the truck has been utilized as a joyous canvas that is intended to take viewers back to their childhood with red white and blue bomb pops and every other ice cream you’d remember from your childhood.

And what every good ice cream truck needs is good air conditioning, and every resident who can visit their local galleries to see the display would also benefit from a tuned up air conditioning system to help them survive the summer.


You’re not likely to see a Mercedes-Benz van used too often as an ice cream truck — unless you’re perhaps wandering the streets of Cannes Monaco or visiting a new art exhibit in Los Angeles this month. Since the French Riviera lends itself more to gilded gelato over red, white and blue bomb pops, your best shot would definitely be LA.

Currently, Mercedes-Benz and the 4AM Gallery teamed up to present artist Gregory Siff for the unveiling of The Portrait of the American Ice Cream Man. The automaker commissions its favorite artists to contribute to its cultural promotions around the world, and   Siff’s latest work commemorates the 10 Year anniversary of The Deitch Parade in NYC where the artist introduced his popular work, The Marshmallows.

On display through July at 422 S. Alameda St, Los Angeles, CA 90013, Siff’s work looks to recreate his experience of childhood through becoming a man in Los Angeles. Mercedes-Benz offered up a small Sprinter Van as a pristine, white canvas to represent a glimpse into those child years. Continue Reading.

image via Crave Online

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