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Full List of Rims for the 2004 Mercedes Benz 230-240-32-320-500-55-600

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Rims for The 2004 Mercedes-Benz C230 Komp

Rims for The 2004 C230 Komp Coupe

Rims for The 2004 C240

Rims for The 2004 C240 4matic

Rims for The 2004 C240 4matic Wagon

Rims for The 2004 C240 Wagon

Rims for The 2004 C32 AMG

Rims for The 2004 C320

Rims for The 2004 C320 4MATIC

Rims for The 2004 C320 4MATIC WAGON

Rims for The 2004 C320 COUPE

Rims for The 2004 C320 WAGON

Rims for The 2004 CL500 COUPE

Rims for The 2004 CL55 AMG COUPE

Rims for The 2004 CL600 COUPE

Rims for The 2004 CLK320 COUPE

Rims for The 2004 CLK320 CONVERTIBLE

Rims for The 2004 CLK500 COUPE

Rims for The 2004 CLK55 AMG CONVERTIBLE

Rims for The 2004 CLK55 AMG COUPE

Rims for The 2004 E320

Rims for The 2004 E320 4MATIC

Rims for The 2004 E320 4MATIC WAGON

Rims for The 2004 E320 WAGON

Rims for The 2004 E500

Rims for The 2004 E500 4MATIC

Rims for The 2004 E500 4MATIC WAGON

Rims for The 2004 E55 AMG

Rims for The 2004 E55 AMG WAGON

Rims for The 2004 ML350 SUV

Rims for The 2004 ML500 SUV

Rims for The 2004 S430

Rims for The 2004 S430

Rims for The 2004 S430 4MATIC

Rims for The 2004 S500

Rims for The 2004 S500 4MATIC

Rims for The 2004 S55 AMG

Rims for The 2004 S600

Rims for The 2004 SLK230 ROADSTER

Rims for The 2004 SLK32 AMG ROADSTER

Rims for The 2004 SLK320 ROADSTER

In The Race Between Hyper Hatches, Just How Much Faster is Mercedes?

Mercedes-AMG vs Honda

Carwow hosted a recent video featuring a quarter mile drag race between the Mercedes-AMG A45 and Honda Civic Type R, both Hot Hatches with the Mercedes costing an extra third of the Honda’s entire price.

Of course the race was to see just how much faster the Mercedes was with the added features of 4 wheel drive and launch control.


We live in an era where hot hatches are divided into two different performance categories: the normal hot-hatches, which are the ones that offer all the usual traits and the so-called hyper hatches, a new breed of compact performance cars that pack so much grunt, they can easily embarrass a less skilled supercar driver at the traffic lights.


Both the Mercedes-AMG A45 and the Honda Civic Type R belong to the hot-hatch universe; but the German model is the one packing significantly more power and a bigger price tag.


The point of this drag race is not to find out which of the two models is the fastest on a straight line, Continue Reading

Red Bull Team Discusses Driving Mercedes’ Hamilton Off The Tracks


Ricciardo Has Sights Set on Hamilton

For many teams that are not Mercedes, frustration has set in as Hamilton clutches down on the lead for the title to the point that Daniel Ricciardo and his teammate Max Verstappen need to do some aggressive driving to ensure the Mercedes leader doesn’t place anywhere near the top of the board.

Too many this is a scandal and unsportsmanlike, Hamilton and the Mercedes team have raced their hearts out to get the lead they have, so is it really a fair race to target and take Hamilton out of the last few races so that someone else can steal the  win.

Of course not all the Glory lies with Hamilton as the Mercedes pit team are in prime shape, changing wheels out in 2 seconds and keeping that Mercedes engine in tip top shape from race to race.

Daniel Ricciardo thinks he and teammate Max Verstappen would effectively be ‘fixing’ the Formula 1 world championship if they did not attack Mercedes in the final races.

Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg are locked in an exclusive fight for the world championship, and there has been a lot of interest about the potential influence either of the Red Bull duo could have in deciding the outcome of the title battle.

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has even found himself at the centre of a controversy in Brazil over a phone call he made to Jos Verstappen regarding his son Max. Continue Reading

Mercedes Undecided Whether Or Not To Remain In Formula 1


Mercedes-Benz Considering Exit from F1 Racing

Mercedes-Benz has been a contractual member of Formula 1 racing since 2009 where Mercedes decided to join the sport not only as a racing team but as an engine supplier.

But their agreement to remain in the sport wraps up this coming 2020 and team boss Toto Wolff says that Mercedes will remain in the sport as long as it continues to develop in a positive way.


Team boss Toto Wolff says Mercedes is only committed to Formula 1 until 2020.

Mercedes co-owner and boss Wolff told La Gazzetta dello Sport: “Mercedes decided in 2009 to compete not only as an engine supplier but also with its own team in Formula 1. We have committed ourselves until 2020, but what happens then is unclear. In my opinion, we will stay in Formula 1 if the sport develops in a positive way.”

Mercedes’ commitment, as well as the other top teams, is in the form of bilateral contractual agreements with the Bernie Ecclestone-led commercial rights holder. Those rights are in the process of being taken over by Liberty Media. Continue Reading

Mercedes AMG Racecars On US Soil


Cool AMG Racecars Make Their Way to USA

Mercedes Benz has made the announcement that they will be producing a pair of Mercedes-AMG GT3 racers for the 2017 IMSA WeatherTech Sports Car Championship.

The first of these cars will be run under the title sponsor WeatherTech, while the second will be under AMG and Team Riley Motorsports. With the titular sponsor of the race,

Mercedes seems poised to dominate yet another racing cup with superior engine performance.


The German automaker has announced that it has teamed up with the successful Riley Motorsports team to campaign a pair of Mercedes-AMG GT3 race cars in the 2017 IMSA WeatherTech Sports Car Championship.

One of the team’s cars will run with extended AMG assistance as “AMG-Team Riley Motorsports,” while the second race car will run as WeatherTech Racing, with sponsorship from the series’ title sponsor. In addition, the AMG Customer Sports team SunEnergy 1 Racing will also campaign a Mercedes-AMG GT3 in the same series.

Based on the Mercedes-AMG GT S road car, the GT3 race cars are competing in the IMSA GT Daytona (GTD) class, which features vehicles built in accordance with international GT3 regulations. Continue Reading

Photos by Brian Cleary/ on behalf of Mercedes-Benz USA

Mercedes Motorsport Boss Admits To Maxed Out Performance


Mercedes Capped F1 Regulations

While Mercedes is doing great performance wise in this years F1 scene, it’s a far cry from the dominance exhibited last year where Mercedes was bounds and leaps ahead of the competition.

Toto Wolff states that this is due to Mercedes hitting a performance cap as far as the regulations are concerned, allowing competition to catch up. Toto Wolff is also against the changes to regulations next year as he is worried it would further destroy the level playing field.

While the regulations remain the same, each team has the time to optimize their engines and catch up to the performance titan that is the Mercedes engine.


Mercedes has maxed out on performance under the current Formula 1 regulations, according to its motorsport boss Toto Wolff.

Mercedes won its third consecutive constructors’ championship in Japan while its drivers Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg are again contesting a private battle for the drivers’ title.

However, Mercedes has not been as dominant this term compared to the first two seasons of the V6 hybrid era.

Its tally of 679 points after 19 races is 24 short of its total at the same point last year.

After 19 races in 2015, the team had a record 15 front row lockouts, compared to 12 after the same number of races this year, while in the races, it has scored six one-twos this term compared to 12. Continue Reading

Mercedes F1 Driver Lewis Hamilton Walks Out On Press Conference


Hamilton Leaves in a Huff

It’s been a rough week in the news regarding Lewis Hamilton, there has been a rather large media witch hunt for his actions at an FIA event where he was using snapchat.

After having seen the media’s reaction to him, he gave a rather disappointed speech at his next press conference and walked out without answering a single question.

While some might call him a show off, he’ll at least he showing off the right stuff with his Mercedes’ rims.


Lewis Hamilton opted not to answer questions in a Mercedes press conference at Suzuka on Saturday, and after offering an explanation, he walked out of the team’s hospitality building.

In addition to any FIA events, Hamilton and teammate Nico Rosberg attend short press conferences hosted by Mercedes on Thursday afternoons, and after both qualifying and the race.

On this occasion Hamilton took the microphone and paused for a while before referencing negative media reaction to his Snapchat antics in Thursday’s FIA press conference, citing it as disrespectful, before putting the microphone down and leaving. Continue Reading

image via

Red Bull Seeking Further Wins Over Mercedes


Can Mercedes Benz Keep Up?

Red Bull’s F1 Racing team feels confident to challenge Mercedes in the Malasyian race aftermath where Mercedes engine failure cost the German auto team to fall out from first place leaving Red Bull to take the lead.

Now Red Bull sees Mercedes setting new engine parameters to limit and reduce risk, and see that as a chance to beat Mercedes in Japan.


Malaysian Grand Prix winner Daniel Ricciardo believes Mercedes’ engine reliability concerns could further help Red Bull’s chances of challenging for another win in Japan.

Fresh from his success at Sepang last weekend, after Lewis Hamilton retired from the lead with a blown engine, Ricciardo senses the characteristics of Suzuka will better suit his car’s aerodynamic strengths.

And, in the wake of Mercedes admitting it will change its engine running parameters this weekend in a bid to guarantee reliability, Ricciardo thinks there is everything to play for. “It could bring us closer,” he said. “I think forgetting what happened last weekend, coming into this race we thought it would be one where we could have an advantage over Ferrari. And if it is wet we can get really close to Mercedes. Continue Reading

Formula E Racing Becoming The New testing Grounds


Going Green on the Track

In it’s infancy stages, or first season, Formula E was a neck and neck race about driver skill as all the cars were identical, which made for amazing races. Now Formula E has allowed customization of the cars on the tracks which has quickly drawn the attention of many big names in the auto industry who want to both test their equipment and strut their stuff on the eco friendly racing track.

Mercedes is also set to join the fray next season, obviously looking to smash the competition with their outstanding engines.


We’re now two full seasons into the wild experiment of Formula E, a racing series that pits 20 F1-style electric racecars against each other on the streets of the biggest cities in the world. The racing has so far been excellent — the races are short, close, and competitive, and in both seasons the drivers’ championships were decided on the final day. Formula E has provided the kind of drama you hope for in any sport, but to find it in a series that’s brand-new is surprising.

An extra level of drama is coming in season three, kicking off this weekend in Hong Kong. Continue Reading

Mercedes Hybrid F1 Delivers 1000bhp


Mercedes-Benz Formula 1 Hybrid Getting Crazy Powerful

Mercedes F1 racing has been drawing many skeptical gazes as it transitions to use a hybrid engine. But does the auto giant have what it takes to prove the competition wrong?

As far as testing goes, it seems the Electrical aspect of the hybrid engines is capable of adding almost 200 bhp on top of the fossil fuel engine. Perhaps this F1 racer is a step ahead of its time, but it’s a step toward future efficiency and being ahead of the rest when it comes to fuel efficient engines.


But one area where they do not fall short is in the power stakes, with them pumping out much more horsepower than the V8 power units that they replaced.

They easily charged past the 900bhp figure, and there are now indications that the benchmark engine produced by Mercedes is giving out as much as 1000bhp during qualifying laps.

Of course, the figure will not be confirmed, with the technicians led by Andy Cowell at Mercedes AMG High Performance Powertrains obviously keeping details about its state-of-the-art engine a secret.

However, sources with good knowledge of the situation suggest that the latest specification Mercedes engine that was introduced at the Belgian Grand Prix is producing 980bhp. Continue Reading

Image via Formula 1

All-Terrain E-Class Debuted


New Mercedes Off-Roading E-Class

Mercedes has released yet another new model, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class All-Terrain which dares to do the unthinkable and take a luxury brand car off road or on the highway, or wherever life would take you. This relatively conservative looking off-roader has jacked up suspension and 4Matic all-wheel drive giving it the power to go wherever you’d need a Benz to go, and then some.


Joining Volvo’s new V90 Cross Country in the crossover-flavored, executive estate segment, is Mercedes-Benz’s E-Class All-Terain, teased here just a few hours ahead of its online reveal, which will be followed by a world premiere in Paris next week.

The video shows the All-Terrain’s plastic body cladding, which may (or may not) come in handy if any drivers decide to leave the safety of the road and head on to a short off-road adventure, helped by a generous ride height, adjustable air suspension and 4Matic all-wheel drive system.

Since it will keep the shell, platform and most of the nuts and bolts of the latest Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate, expect an identical interior with all the equipment offered as standard or on the options list, Continue Reading

Mercedes Set to Treat Hamilton and Rosberg Fairly in Coming Races


Mercedes-Benz Letting F1 Racers Kind of Compete

It seems Mercedes is dead set on not putting all their eggs in one basket as they’ve made clear their neutral stance between their two drivers Hamilton and Rosberg despite Hamilton being two points ahead.

The Mercedes Teams could focus all their power behind the winning racer but it seems they’re dead set on having a second good racer in case any troubles arise.

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Mercedes technical boss Paddy Lowe says that the team does not have any concerns about maintaining a level playing field for its drivers as the title battle between Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg heads towards a climax.

Hamilton is just two points ahead of Rosberg after the German won the Italian Grand Prix, with seven races to go.

But Lowe insists that the team is now used to treating both men equally.

“We’re dealing with that all the time,” Lowe told

“One of our big, huge focuses in the team is to work as one, and keep everything absolutely as fair as possible with the drivers, and indeed for everybody to work together for the common interest, which is to get the quickest car on the day. Continue Reading

image via

Mercedes At the Back Of the Lineup with Most Recent Upgrades


A Spa Engine Upgrade Worth 5 F1 Tokens?

Mercedes has gone about with yet more tune ups and upgrades with their F1 racing team, pushing them all the way back on the start-up line. The trend of frequent replacements and upgrades are making all of their races uphill battles, and a lot of the blame is being shunted to under performances by the driver.

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The news comes on a weekend when the German car manufacturer has elected to hand Lewis Hamilton new components because he was running short.

He is currently facing a 30-place grid penalty for the race because he had new parts fitted for both practice sessions that took him over the allocation of five that he is allowed for the season.

With him already pegged to the back of the grid, it is possible that Mercedes may choose to add further new parts to his allocations in final free practice on Saturday.

Customer plan

Mercedes has not specified in what areas its power unit has been improved, but both Hamilton and teammate Nico Rosberg have been given the new developments. Continue Reading

image via

HTP Motorsports Mercedes Victory at Hankook

It was a wild race to behold and perhaps one worth going back to for those who did not watch it live. The depth of strategic and mechanical variety on the race track made this an amazing race to behold. With an eventful start with the variety of cars making a rapid succession of overtakes, the race culminated with the driving team lead by Wim de Pundert taking first place, followed by an audi team then yet another Mercedes team.

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Le Castellet (July 16, 2016) – With the first two hours of the Hankook 24H Circuit Paul Ricard, the fifth round of the 24H Series powered by Hankook, in the books, the HTP Motorsport GmbH Mercedes AMG GT3 (#41, Wim de Pundert/Bernd Schneider/Brice Bosi/Clemens Schmid) leads the 51 car-strong field.

After Wim de Pundert had driven the first stint, the five times DTM champion Bernd Schneider handed the Mercedes over to young Austrian Clemens Schmid. Half a minute down, the Optimum Motorsport Audi R8 LMS (#14, Flick Haigh/Joe Osborne/Ryan Ratcliffe/Edward Sandström) follows in second place.

Currently in third are the 2015 winners, the Ram Racing Mercedes AMG GT3 (#30, Stuart Hall/Roald Goethe/Daniel Brown/Jamie Campbell-Walter). In these early stages, the order is likely to change rapidly due to small gaps, strategic variety, and different car configurations. Several teams running top-field cars already struggled. Continue Reading

Renault Racing Team Confident Can Beat Mercedes

The team sponsored by red bull last year failed to collect any grand prix metals leading Renault and Red Bull to almost split, however they have renewed their contract this season and are claiming confidence that they can catch up with Mercedes. With the way business has been favoring Mercedes this year, another bad performance by Renault could lead to their contract being terminated for good. For upgrading your Mercedes with the best engines in racing, click here.


Adrian Newey is convinced that Renault can “really start to close in” on Mercedes if they continue to improve at the current rate.

Although Red Bull tried to part ways with Renault last season as they failed to win a single grand prix, the four-time World Champions eventually re-signed in a deal that sees them running TAG Heuer rebranded Renault engines.

And that decision has begun to pay dividends.

Red Bull is the only team aside from Mercedes to have won a grand prix this season with Max Verstappen triumphant in Spain while the team has an additional four podiums to their tally.

“I think it’s fairly well recorded that at the start of last season there was a frustrating time when Renault if anything, frankly, were going backwards rather than forwards,” Red Bull design guru Newey told ESPN. Continue reading

Mercedes Formula 1 Racing Tense for Upcoming Races

Due to a catastrophic start to the racing season, the Mercedes F1 team has to make tough decisions in regard to engine parts replacements for their upcoming races. Now any engine replacements will come with tough penalties. According to Toto Wolff the Mercedes Boss, the decision on if and when to do an engine change relies on the performance of Hamilton at the Hungarian and German Grand Prix.

Should Hamilton have tough races at these Grand Prix, it’s likely a full engine replacement will be made at Spa-Francorchamps where long straights offer the opportunity for Hamilton to overtake the competition.

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Mercedes says the next two races will be key to deciding whether or not it will choose to take one or more deliberate engine penalties for Lewis Hamilton this season.

The reigning world champion had taken the greater share of Mercedes’ reliability dramas this season, with a spate of failures earlier on in the campaign.

In particular, a run of back-to-back MGU-H breakdowns at the Chinese and Russian Grands Prix means he has already used his full allocation of that power unit component up until now.

He has also used all five turbos so far too.

Hamilton is well aware that his world championship hopes are made more difficult by the prospect of penalties, which could leave him with grid penalties and an uphill battle against Nico Rosberg. Continue Reading

Mercedes Team Says Engine Problem Wasn’t as Bad as Perceived

For those of you who have been following the Mercedes-Benz Formula 1 racing team this year, you already know that despite showing relatively well in races, they’re still facing a number of issues. Beyond risk of losing one of their best drivers off the track, when Hamilton and Rosberg are racing, they’re seeing problems stem from poor teamwork to incorrect settings in the Mercedes-Benz engines.

Most recently, they had just that happen when they failed to have the car’s computers configured to give a boost in certain parts of the track.


Mercedes data suggests that the engine mode error that hit Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg in the European Grand Prix was only costing them 0.2 seconds each lap.

Although Hamilton’s pace fell away dramatically – and bounced back immediately as soon as the issue had been resolved – his bosses insist that the lack of energy deployment was not as dramatic as it appeared to be from the outside.

Mercedes motorsport boss Toto Wolff reckoned, however, that the electronic setting that left the drivers without an extra power boost at certain sections of the track may have felt worse from the cockpit than the reality of the time lost

“We don’t know how much it is [exactly], and we need to analyse how much it is,” explained Wolff. “But as per the data – it is 0.2 seconds per lap.

“It must have felt like much more though because the engine was derating between Turns Two and Three, where you expect the biggest boost.” Continue Reading

Brad Pitt Takes a Lap at Le Mans 24-Hour Event

As if there wasn’t already enough to be envious about with him, 52 year old actor Brad Pitt was in France over the weekend for the supercar event that many see as the car class’s premier event. Not only was he chosen to wave off the start of the race itself, but he actually got to drive one of these supercars for a full lap around the prestigious course before the race began.

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He cemented his Hollywood status with action flicks such as Fight Club and Ocean’s Eleven.

However, Brad Pitt fuelled his adrenaline in another form as he took a full lap at the Le Mans 24 Hours circuit in Le Mans, France on Saturday.

The 52-year-old actor was given the honorary starter role, which saw him wave 60 cars off the grid – but that wasn’t before he toured the circuit and revved up the engine for a speedy ride himself. Read More

Is Rosberg Leaving the Mercedes Racing Team?

Nico-RosbergIf the rumors are true, there’s a big chance that star Formula 1 racer Nico Rosberg will be leaving the Mercedes racing team in 2017 to get behind the wheel with Ferrari. The word seems pretty reliable, though, considering that the place promulgating this potentially very upsetting news is the newspaper Corriere della Sera out of Italy (where, if you didn’t know, F1 racing is insanely popular).

After the crash that happened in the first lap of the 2016 F1 Spanish Grand Prix, these rumors only feel that much more likely to prove to be a hard reality. Furthermore, it was Rosberg’s teammate Lewis Hamilton who claims full responsibility for the unbearably early crash.

And just as athletes in other sports are highly enigmatic whenever discussions of upcoming trades or moves are concerned, when Nico Rosberg was asked whether or not he was going to leave Mercedes, all he said was that he “feel[s] very good at Mercedes, but let’s see what the future holds.”

Things could quickly start to get really sticky for Rosberg should be really be thinking about departing, though. According to Daimer chairman Dieter Zetsche, Rosberg is “under contract for the forthcoming season.” Daimler, of course, being the company that now owns Mercedes-Benz. But, it might not really be all that cut and dry as the Mercedes team’s leader Toto Wolff hinted that there is some negotiating that needs to get done first.

If all this news of Rosberg leaving makes you want to give up following F1 racing, don’t leave too quickly as there is some hope on the horizon. Should Nico Rosberg really give up on Mercedes, another corresponding rumor indicates that he’d be replaced by Fernando Alonso. When speaking with Spain’s El Mundo, Wolff mentioned that Alonso had previously sought a contract with Mercedes at the beginning of the season but Wolff was under obligation at the time to not talk with other drivers due to Lewis Hamilton’s contract renewal. Wolff said that Alonso “is one of the best drivers in history and I like his character,” but still quickly noted that, “Our priority now is Nico.”

As is usually the case in situations like these, fans are in all sorts of an uproar with no real consensus about how they want this all to play out. In any case, seeing as these are all rumors at the moment, we will just have to wait it out to see what is really going on.

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CLK AMG’s Surprising Acceleration Vs Shelby GT350

Alright, so there’s not really much of a matchup when it comes to a Mustang Shelby GT350 versus a Mercedes-Benz CLK AMG. Still, that doesn’t make this video any less fun to watch – the Shelby ultimately comes out victorious (as is expected), but the CLK AMG has a killer start that must’ve put some fear in the GT350 driver. Check it out:

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