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Mercedes-Benz GLC300 Gets Near-Perfect Review

If you are looking for what is likely the best crossover SUV on the road, you aren’t going to have to look any further than the 2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC300. This SUV ended up earning itself an impressive 8.5 final score (out of 10) from NY Daily News, making it a very highly rated Mercedes-Benz, and one of the best SUVs reviewed by the news organization this year.

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If you’re a prospective luxury crossover buyer, one thing is for certain: You’re definitely not starved of options.

Countless shapes, sizes and powertrains from five different countries are readily available, and the choice is up to you when it comes to which brand you put your hard-earned money down on. But spend some time behind the wheel of a majority of competitors in this segment, and you’ll realize that not all luxury crossovers are created equal; far from it, in fact.

The outgoing Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class was one of the many options, and despite solid reviews and the reputation of one of the world’s most renowned luxury automakers, it was never a sales champion.

With the all-new 2016 GLC-Class, Mercedes has given its small crossover a complete overhaul in face, name and heart. I took the reins of the GLC300 (their volume-seller) for a week to determine if this sleek new challenger is, as Mercedes themselves claim,“the best” or “nothing.” Continue Reading

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Drop-Top S500 Cabriolet Reviewed


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With an absolutely plush interior, the Mercedes Benz S500 Cabriolet offers an incredible level of comfort for the driver and passenger. The only real downside is that the back seats are somewhat cramped – almost to the point where they’re unusable. If you don’t have a family and are looking for a fun new Mercedes to drive, take a look at the S500.


Magnificent, isn’t it? The all-new Mercedes S-Class Cabriolet is obviously just a soft-top, two-door S-Class, but it looks so much grander than the already fabulous hard-top; a proper land-yacht. The first drop-top S-Class since 1971, no less.

Thing is, unlike most other Mercedes, this isn’t a Benz that competes directly with Audis and BMWs. This is a rival for Bentley, for Aston Martin, and Ferrari. Bizarre as it may seem, in that rarefied, exotic-badged, artisan company, this Benz is the least impressive badge. It’s the mainstream one.

Still, as mainstream cars go…

Where to start? Perhaps with that wraparound chrome beltline slither that’s visible roof up or roof down. Continue Reading

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