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Bad News from Mercedes Hydrogen Car Developers

In a matchup that nobody saw coming, Mercedes-Benz intends to employ aspects that make Pokemon Go appealing in their new advertising efforts. Mercedes has teamed up with Snapchat and wants users to snapchat images of Mercedes Smart Cars @smartcarUSA. It seems they intend to reward vigilant Smart spotters with free swag, but this endeavor seems dubious at best if it can compete with the current huge trend of Pokemon Go.

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OK, don’t let your heads explode, people. Even though Smart USA is running an effort that melds concepts from the mobile game that just will not leave the waking world alone—Pokemon Go—with the buzziest digital platform in recent months, Snapchat, we’ll all be OK when the dust settles. 

The Mercedes-Benz brand, which sells eco-friendly cars, is encouraging its social media followers to take photos of its “smart vehicles” in the wild and share them by snapping @smartcarUSA.

“The brand is surprising and delighting some of their followers on Snapchat with smart-branded gear,” Mark Aikman, general manager, marketing services for MBUSA, explained via email. “For years, #smartspotting has been a way for consumers to share the smart cars they see on the road every day on social media. By leveraging the Pokémon Go phenomenon, the brand is able to take #smartspotting one step further with this treasure hunt-style activation on Snapchat.” Continue Reading

image via Smart USA

Mercedes Builds America’s Most Affordable Convertible

They weren’t kidding when they told us that we’re always learning something new. For me, it was that those tiny Smart cars on the road (as opposed to smart cars that independently react to road conditions) are manufactured by Mercedes-Benz.

That being the case, we can technically claim that the under-$20,000 Smart ForTwo Cabriolet is a Mercedes, which means our favorite German manufacturer produces the least expensive new convertible in the US.

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You don’t normally associate Mercedes-Benz with a low MSRP — even its used cars are expensive, once maintenance is taken into account. Yet, starting this fall, the least expensive convertible — hell, the only convertible starting under $20,000 — will be a German, although it won’t have the three-pointed star on the hood.

After taking a gap year to find itself, the Smart ForTwo Cabriolet is returning for the 2017 model year. With an all-new look inside and out, this diminutive runabout will rock a starting price of $18,900. That’s with a manual, though — spring for the dual-clutch gearbox, and you’re looking at $19,890, before options and tax and all that.

Its automatic canvas soft top is capable of stopping early and acting like a sunroof, or going all the way back for more of a proper top-down feeling, and you can remove the roof bars for even more airiness. Continue Reading

image via CNET

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