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Mercedes Running Pilot Test of Croove Car-Sharing Service

Interesting New Car-Sharing Feature from Mercedes-Benz

Alternate means of transportation have been rapidly growing in the last couple years. Uber and Lyft, the ridesharing services have exploded in popularity and have almost wiped out traditional taxi services in many locations. Mercedes’ Croove service might be the revolution that kills traditional car rental services as it is intended to connect renters directly with vehicle owners to rent directly. Croove allows users to enter in parameters about what make, model and luxury features they require in their rental car and will return a list of available options for the renter’s timeframe needed.

The clever app can help people get a taste of what it’s like to be behind the wheel of a Mercedes, but surprisingly the service is not a Mercedes exclusive, instead Daimler has set out to have any car available on the service so long as it is in good condition and is no more than 15 years of age. That last limitation can be a bit of a bummer for anyone who would want to rent a classic for their trip to Italy – but it makes sense as far as difficulty of insurance goes.

So despite the decision to have their service allow for any manufacturer’s cars to go up into the rental program, it seems Mercedes has found out a clever means of making a profit here that will benefit them more than most over auto companies.

Croove will not only get new drivers behind the wheels of Mercedes, enjoying that posh interior or smoothest ride possible suspension offering the perfect carriage for their business trip or vacation. That is definitely a beneficial marketing move – but even more than that, the new Croove service could offer prospective Mercedes buyers a means to actually afford their payments on that new luxury coup they’ve been eyeing as they can rent out their new Mercedes every once and awhile and take the bite off their payments giving access to luxury cars to income brackets who’d never think of them before.


It’s become a well-trod refrain, but carmakers are looking at what comes after ownership, and car-sharing between individual owners and renters is one of those models. Mercedes-Benz has begun its own car-share service that adopts that approach – Croove, a platform that has now launched as a pilot in Munich, Germany.

Croove is pure peer-to-peer car rental model, where renters use an app to make choices about what model, trim level and other options they’re looking for in a car. The app will poll its database of registered vehicle owners in the area and find out what’s available for the time and duration need by the renter, and connect the dots.  Continue Reading

How Mercedes Achieves Their Unbelievably Smooth Ride


How Active Body Control from Mercedes-Benz Works

The Mercedes-Benz line is famous for the smooth ride that each of their models delivers. This secret has been explained in their most recent models with the Active Body Control system that uses hydraulic actuators to separate the movement of the wheels from the movement of the body of the car so that the impact of bumps on the cabin is absolutely minimal.

What is more exciting is the Magic Body Control that uses cameras to prep the hydraulics ahead of time for an even smoother ride. Mercedes is certainly cementing their role as the king of suspension.

Mercedes-Benz vehicles are notorious for their smooth ride quality. Bumps and ruts just don’t bother passengers in Mercedes vehicles like they do in other cars. How does Mercedes do it? Jason Fenske from Engineering Explained is here to tell us.

In this video, Jason analyzes how two Mercedes suspension systems work. The base system is Active Body Control, and buyers can go one step further with Magic Body Control.

The key to both systems is the hydraulic dampers Mercedes uses.

These dampers have hydraulic actuators that react to bumps by making the damper assembly shorter and ruts by making it longer. That allows the tire and wheel to move without the body moving nearly as much. Continue Reading

Mercedes-AMG C43 Coupe Sets a Comfortable Standard For Mercedes’ Sporty Sub-Brand


AMG C43 a Smooth Operator

While the news is fixated on the AMG C63 being a modern muscle car of German make, the C43 almost slips under the radar.

The new C43 coupe is set to make the bridge point between classy comfortable smooth rides and blood boiling explosively fast V-8 Twin-Turbocharged Engine.

It’s made to look sleek, drive smooth, and roar when you need it to, the ideal car for someone who wants versatility out of their car.


Daimler’s Mercedes-AMG division has largely made its name on theatrics: things like burly sounding engines, flashy styling add-ons, and wild performance. It’s practically the German equivalent of classic American muscle-car culture, as we saw with the latest C63 S coupe. Its 503-hp, twin-turbocharged V-8 makes a beastly noise and goes like stink, while its rear-wheel-drive setup makes tail-out antics a snap. It also looks the business with huge wheels and flared haunches that set it apart from lesser C-class coupes.

While the new Mercedes-AMG C43 coupe shares all but one digit in its name, it’s really a completely different animal, one considerably lower on the food chain. Continue Reading

Tampa Buccaneers and Mercedes Continue Partnership


The Benz-Buccaneers Cool Club

Mercedes and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have been in partnership for over a decade now, and it seems there is no plan to break ties. The Buccaneers have 500 exclusive premium Mercedes seats and of them almost all have already sold out.

The exclusive Mercedes seats offer the best experience of the game in stadium just as Mercedes intends to offer the best ride of all for its owners.


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Tampa Bay area Mercedes-Benz dealers announced today an extension of their partnership, which is highlighted by the addition of naming rights to the all-new Hall of Fame Club at Raymond James Stadium. All of the nearly 500 seats have already sold out for the 2016 season, however, the team has established a waiting list for interested prospects.

The Mercedes-Benz Hall of Fame Club is one of two premium seating concepts featuring all-inclusive food and beverage options, air-conditioned comfort and some of the best views of the game action.

This elevated viewing experience at Raymond James Stadium aligns with the luxury, class and comfort the Mercedes-Benz brand symbolizes.

All-Terrain E-Class Debuted


New Mercedes Off-Roading E-Class

Mercedes has released yet another new model, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class All-Terrain which dares to do the unthinkable and take a luxury brand car off road or on the highway, or wherever life would take you. This relatively conservative looking off-roader has jacked up suspension and 4Matic all-wheel drive giving it the power to go wherever you’d need a Benz to go, and then some.


Joining Volvo’s new V90 Cross Country in the crossover-flavored, executive estate segment, is Mercedes-Benz’s E-Class All-Terain, teased here just a few hours ahead of its online reveal, which will be followed by a world premiere in Paris next week.

The video shows the All-Terrain’s plastic body cladding, which may (or may not) come in handy if any drivers decide to leave the safety of the road and head on to a short off-road adventure, helped by a generous ride height, adjustable air suspension and 4Matic all-wheel drive system.

Since it will keep the shell, platform and most of the nuts and bolts of the latest Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate, expect an identical interior with all the equipment offered as standard or on the options list, Continue Reading

Mercedes-Benz Truck Spotted During Road Test


Brand New Mercedes Truck Caught On Film

The first sighting of the first-ever Mercedes-Benz pickup truck has finally come with a YouTube video from walkoART who managed to take some sweet footage of the camo textured Mercedes Benz and upload it online for us to see.

If you wanted anything like a Mercedes pickup before, you’d have to do some serious suspension overhaul on their SUVs, what a wonderful time to be alive.


We’ve known about Mercedes-Benz’s first-ever pickup truck for over a year, but until now, we haven’t seen a prototype. That changes today though, because a heavily camouflaged pickup has been captured on public roads in Germany. The truck is rumored to debut by the end of this year, so it’s likely production-ready at this point.

The video of the truck, rumored to be called the GLT, comes to us from YouTuber walkoART – Videos, who features spy shots of various Mercedes-Benz prototypes on their channel.

Even under heavy covering, you can pretty clearly see a Metris-esque front facia. Otherwise, the truck looks not unlike the new Honda Ridgeline. Continue Reading

The Mercedes Tour from Hell


Maybe You Should Avoid the Mercedes-Benz EU Delivery Program

While Mercedes-Benz may be the best in regards to the quality of their luxury cards, it seems some customer services have lost their qualities over time and are desperately in need of updates.

Rob Enderle has discussed his Mercedes tour in Germany and just how bad it was, but while there were bumps in the road of his vacation, he was saved by the quality of the new Mercedes that he took the trip with.

If you’re experiencing too many bumps in the road while driving your Mercedes, click here and consider what you can do to smooth out your ride.


I just returned from a trip to Germany with my wife to pick up our new car.  If you read the current article on this trip from a Mercedes-Benz sales person it sounds like a drive from heaven but, at least from my experience, it is the drive from hell.  

It isn’t even a great Mercedes-Benz experience, actually that is a massive understatement, it was a horrid experience.  Not only did we not have a particularly great time, you probably won’t get us on another vacation outside of the US, well, ever.   

So the trip in the article looks amazing, but that isn’t the trip we actually got at all.  At one point I literally wanted to take the car back where I picked it up and just go home. Continue Reading

image via Rob Enderle/Tech Guru Daily

Mercedes Drivers Dream of Self Driving Cars


Mercedes Benz Owners Look to Autonomous Cars

Surveys show that Mercedes drivers are among those who most desire for fully self-driving cars, while drivers of American trucks like Jeep and Dodge are among the lowest interest groups for the emerging technology. Perhaps it is ultra-luxury cars that will be the only vehicles to ever tout this feature, while trucks and SUVs will forever be left in the dark ages of requiring driver participation.

Not looking forward to autonomous cars for yourself? Check out our Mercedes Benz steering parts to keep your car controlling like new.


When you look at other cars on the road, do you wonder which of your fellow drivers are most wishing they were doing something else? In a new survey published this month, the answer is Mercedes-Benz and Infiniti drivers.

The survey, conducted by MaritzCX, asked 12,353 vehicle owners about their thoughts on autonomous cars. As reported in Bloomberg, about 27 percent of Mercedes-Benz and Infiniti owners say that are “very interested” in purchasing a fully autonomous car should they become available. That’s more than any the owners of other brand surveyed.

For comparison, about 14 percent of BMW owners said they were “very interested” in the technology. Ram owners were the least likely to buy a self-driving car, with only about 6 percent saying they were “very interested.” Jeep owners also ranked low, at about 8 percent. Continue Reading


Mercedes Atego Is an Extremely Embellished Work Truck


Commercial Driving Gets Fancy

For anyone who does commercial driving, you might be familiar with the general models that are common sights on the streets, and they’re rather boring. Mercedes now offers the Atego which promises ergonomic and comfortable driving for the driver, along with a slew of other features making this a worthwhile investment for any commercial trucker.

To improve the comfort of your current drive, click here and get your suspension replaced.


Worldwide and in our region, the new Atego trucks from Mercedes-Benz are guided by three primary principles – Value, Dedication & Efficiency – that will enable you to extract the most from your daily operations.


The new Atego is a winner on all fronts. Because it embodies the outstanding attributes of its predecessor and achieves the feat of further improving on these strengths.


A newly designed, even more ergonomic driver’s workplace offering yet more comfort ensures that you’re all set for light distribution operations.


The new Atego introduces an array of technical measures designed to keep distribution transport operations particularly economical. Continue Reading

The Mercedes Beast of 2017


The Coolest Mercedes You’ll See this Year

If you hadn’t yet heard of or seen the Mercedes-AMG GT S, you should go look at some of the preview images of it floating around the net and then get back to me. Now that we’re all familiar, let’s remember that it’s a Mercedes and not a Jaguar or Porsche.

This monster is an outlier from Mercedes typical brand line, but that doesn’t mean it should be overlooked. It sports a whopping from the factory 193 MPH speed limit, zooms from 0 to 60 in 3.7 seconds, and the ground hugging center of gravity will ensure you fly down the road and feel the G forces of every wild turn. With a price tag hanging just a bit above $130,000, it’s no cheap ride – but certainly a good pickup for any sports car enthusiast.

Now considering few of us in the states can get away with maxing out that amazing top speed, and likely will never get a good chance to race it, it might be best to invest on overhauling your current Mercedes with a new top of the line Engine and reworking your suspension to get that low to the ground racer feel. You’ll thank me later when you’re not burning a gallon of gas every 18 miles.


The Mercedes-AMG GT S is not the car many expect from the tri-star folks. Far from the opulent S-Class and tot-toting GLS S.U.V., the two-passenger GT S clearly says “let’s race.” It’s speaking directly, and confidently, to the Audi R8 and Porsche 911.

“Something wicked this way comes — in yellow,” said an observer, gazing at the Mercedes simmering along the roadside. Indeed, this machine — replacing the longer gullwing SLS — cuts a seductive and menacing figure. The AMG Solarbeam paint on the test model I drove does look suitably wicked. I salute those extroverted souls who choose it over white or silver.

This is not an automobile for the masses, given prices that begin at $132,125. But that’s a bargain of sorts considering it is about 70 grand less than the asking price on the less-sophisticated SLS it replaces. Continue Reading

New Generation G-Wagon Looks like a Relic


Not Much Change in the 2017 G-Wagon

While far from a mainstay Mercedes-Benz line, the G-Wagon does eventually come around for an update every few years. The new photos snuck of the new generation of G-Wagons hardly looks like much of an update at a glance, but the acute eye could spot the wider stance of this beast, meaning it will have a roomier feeling cab and room for all sorts of amenities, all while shedding 900 lbs.

If you’re still driving the old G-Wagon that weighs as much as 2 normal cars, you might want to click here and look into replacing your stressed-out suspension.


The more things change, the more they stay the same, as they say. Changes to the Mercedes-Benz G-Class occur about as often as a labor strike in Major League Baseball. The current G-wagen is still popular, so why risk messing up a good thing? Change is scary, and for nearly 40 years, the G-Wagen has flown in the face of practicality, efficiency, and safety. We now have spy shots of the SUV’s replacement, and, at first glance, it doesn’t seem that much different.

Despite the camouflage, you can spot the differences on the new G-Class. The new model appears to be noticeably wider. The current model is from an age where cupholders didn’t exist and cars made do with fewer than 20 speakers. The extra space should provide plenty of room for both. Other than the width, the new styling looks more like evolution than sea change. Lines are still mostly straight and angles are still about 90 degrees. Continue Reading

New Mercedes Dealership in Ridgeland, Mississippi

Extreme demand in the area has brought existing dealerships the need to expand in order to meet and please their customer’s expectations. The new location is taking advantage of a 10 acre lot which will make for an impressive spread of the finest sports cars on the market. For those who already have their Mercedes Benz in the area, the new location plans to feature 44 service bays.

While we’re on the topic of servicing your Mercedes Benz, check here for great deals on suspension.


Mercedes-Benz of Jackson has announced plans to expand its operations with the construction of a new, state of the art dealership located at the corner of I-55 and Steed Road in Ridgeland.

Trudy Higginbotham-Moody, co-owner and president of Mercedes-Benz of Jackson, said the facility is needed to meet strong sales demand and she noted the 10-acre site will allow ample room for future growth.

“Simply put we were land locked, even after two expansions in recent years,” said Higginbotham-Moody, who oversees day-to-day operations at the dealership. “We carefully studied several options that would allow us to best serve our customers. We looked at possible sites in all three counties in the metro area as well as expanding our current location.”

The company’s plans are based on acquiring the necessary City of Ridgeland approvals for its planned site.

image via Mercedes Benz

Updated C300 an Attractive Joy to Drive

image via Mercedes-Benz

image via Mercedes-Benz

Rocking that world-class German engineering and some incredible Mercedes-Benz suspension, the 2017 C300 is looking to be one of the manufacturer’s most fun cars to get behind the wheel of, and it certainly doesn’t hurt that it’s also aesthetically stunning. This could be the year I actually end up replacing my older C300 because the ’17 is so impressive.


Despite its aluminum fenders, hood and trunk, the C300 Coupe still bends the scale at 3,638 pounds in two-wheel drive guise and an even chunkier 3,770 pounds with 4MATIC all-wheel drive.

The four-link independent front suspension and five-link rear handle that mass with grace, though. The car didn’t feel heavy in turns, body roll was always under control, and ride quality—in any drive mode and with or without the optional AIRMATIC air suspension with dynamic damping—was very good.

Like seemingly every luxury car these days, you can pick from Eco, Comfort, Sport, Sport+, and Individual (customizable) modes, which adjust parameters like throttle response, transmission shift schedule, suspension firmness (on AIRMATIC models), steering sensitivity, air conditioning duty cycle, and start/stop function. Continue Reading

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