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Mercedes-Benz Continues to Up its Truck Game


Luxe and Utility in a Pickup

Despite your thoughts on whether or not Mercedes-Benz should be building pickup trucks, they’re going to do so regardless. We’re okay with it, though, as long as they continue to put out awesome-looking pickups like their X Class concept (shown above).

If you end up getting one (and if they ever get brought to the states), a more classic set of Mercedes-Benz rims might be in order if you don’t like the stock ones the truck will come with.

A quick look at sales year to date shows the overwhelming share of trucks outstripping cars, a trend that’s accelerating as automakers pour on truck models, including luxury-brand mash-ups that would’ve been unthinkable traditionally, like a Mercedes-Benz pickup, or a Jaguar SUV.

With U.S. automakers due to report November auto sales on Thursday, Dec. 1, there’s no contest between cars and trucks, and little doubt that on the strength of its truck sales Mercedes-Benz will be the luxury-brand champ again this year over Lexus and the BMW brand, by an even wider margin than last year.

Year to date through October, for the whole U.S. industry trucks made up 60 percent of sales, up from 56 percent at the same time last year, according to the Automotive News Data Center. Continue Reading

Mercedes-Benz Trucks to get Pedestrian Avoidance

Daimler, which you should recognize as the parent company to Mercedes-Benz, will be adding a new system to Benz trucks called Active Brake Assist 4 (ABA 4). The system will warn drivers of potential collisions with pedestrians and bicyclists, and will begin partial braking. ABA 4 detects these obstacles up to 250 meters away as far as other vehicles are concerned. When it comes to pedestrians, they can be detected up to 80 meters away. When it comes to people on bicycles or smaller vehicles like mopeds or motorcycles, they can be detected between 250 and 80 meters away and averages out to about 160 meters.

Along with Active Brake Assist 4, Mercedes-Benz trucks will be adding another system called Sideguard Assist. Sideguard Assist, like ABA 4, uses radar sensors on the sides of the truck to let the driver know if objects – other vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, etc. – are present. The warning comes in the form of an LED flashing at the edge of  the windshield, which  will draw attention to the driver in a manner that will help see and locate whatever might be on the side. This is especially beneficial when changing lanes and is being implemented for that reason.

On a similar note, click here if you need brakes for your Mercedes-Benz.

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