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Mercedes-AMG C43 Sounds Better than Most Cars Look

With a buttery-smooth purr, the Mercedes-AMG C43 coupe has an undeniably satisfying purr as it makes its way through the video below. However, the snapping sound coming from the 3.0-liter biturbo V6 engine might be a bit of a turnoff for some of you, but if you’re savvy enough to know that’s the turbo working its magic, then that snapping sound might be one of the most beautiful noises you’ve ever heard from a car that is arguably a production vehicle.

As far as what that engine can put out, you are looking at an astonishing 362 hp as well as 384 lb-ft for torque to get the car moving. And it’ll move quick with a zero to 60 that’d be tough for nearly any car on the road to match at 4.6 seconds.  The Mercedes-AMG C43 coupe also rocks a 9-speed 9G-TRONIC automatic transmission to really give the car excellent performance and kick at any speed.

As an even crazier testament to how powerful this car is, it is electronically limited to how fast it can go. Don’t worry, though, there’s a pretty good chance that if you pick one of these sporty C43s up you might not ever reach that limit – it is set at a blistering 155 miles per hour.

I will warn you, though, that while you watch the video below, that Mercedes engine might just lull you into a slumber with dreams of tearing through wooded areas and enjoying a car to its fullest. So, if you happen to be watching this at work, take another sip of coffee. But, if you’re like me, hearing this amazing C43’s engine will be more likely to just get you unreasonably excited. Wait, unreasonable isn’t the right word in this context – I meant to say rightfully thrilled to hear a car through desktop speakers (or whatever you’re listening with). Enjoy:

By Helicopter, Boat or Car, Mercedes Has the Vehicle for You

Okay, so Mercedes-Benz is obviously most well known for the cars that they produce, but did you know that they also make helicopters and luxury yachts? Seriously. Taking into consideration that the cars (and engineering behind them) is so excellent, there is no reason to believe that these non-traditional vehicles wouldn’t be as well.

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Mercedes-Benz has shared a short film showcasing the S-Class Cabriolet, the H145 helicopter and a jaw-dropping new Arrow460-Granturismo luxury yacht.

The promotional clip sees beautiful bikinied women and effortlessly stylish rich guys fulfill Gottlieb Daimler’s dream of having the Mercedes star in land, water and air for the very first time.

Obviously, the star of the show is the grandiose sailboat which is powered by twin Yanmar diesel engines, each packing 480 horsepower. Continue Reading

Art Students Turn Mercedes Museum into Classic Movie Monster

With the experience earned by going to school at the Film Academy in Ludwigsburg until they graduated in 2014, Florian Greth and Marco Erbrich (now of Flyvision Media) worked together to make a phenomenal advertisement for the Mercedes-Benz Museum. The aesthetics of the commercial are a cool nod to monster movies through cinematic eras, and the monster itself ends up being the Mercedes-Benz Museum itself in what is a super creative and inspired look at the structures unique architecture.

With obvious nods to classic movies and some incredible editing, this commercial goes to show how even a small team can create an effective advertisement. While the idea of a museum as a monster isn’t necessarily the best way to get people through its doors, the “monster” in the film does not really feel threatening or frightening – it almost feels more like a curious puppy, which is more or less universally appealing. The commercial is intriguing enough to help carry that curiosity over to the viewer, as well, especially since its implications are that the specific vehicles eaten in the short ad will be found within the museum itself.  And, seeing as we’re all into tuning and repairing Mercedes-Benz engines and the like, it’s a pretty easy bet that every one of us are interested in checking out those classics.

Clifton, NJ, Cop Under Investigation After Brake Checking a Driver

An officer in Clifton, NJ, is in hot water after dashcam footage caught him brake checking the driver behind him. In the video, shared below, you can see the cop braking quick in the middle of the street with nothing in front of him. As you can imagine, this dangerous practice hasn’t gone over lightly with the city’s residents, which has resulted in an investigation by the police department’s Internal Affairs.

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A dashcam recording of a city police officer braking suddenly in the middle of the roadway, and then issuing multiple tickets to the driver behind him has caused an uproar among some residents and triggered an internal affairs probe of the officer involved.

The footage, taken by the driver’s dashcam, was posted last week to YouTube by a Clifton resident who identified himself only as Omar B. It shows the officer slamming on his brakes in front of the motorist as he drives north up Van Houten Avenue.

There is nothing in front of the officer when he brakes suddenly, and the officer admits in the recording that he braked only because he felt the motorist behind him was following too closely. As a result, the driver is forced to brake quickly in the middle of the road. Continue Reading

Video Proof Street Racing is a Bad Idea

Do you guys remember this awesome gem of a video from 2003? The guy narrowly “wins” the race when the other driver backs off a bit, but then loses control and crashes his car and apparently ruins his rims considering he yells “MY RIMS” in an absolute moment of understandable panic.

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